Highlights of the New FNU Library

Highlights of the new FNU Library

The concept of the design of new FNU Library’s physical spaces provides various opportunities for the renewal of the library as a societal institution.

The FNU Library moved to the new location – same address, but we are at the Second Floor at the Dr. Jose Regueiro Building. Come and check out it, and we will give you a tour!

The FNU Library is new learning spaces are with quantity and quality of physical book collections and digital databases connected and collaborative. Flexibility and choices exist not only just within the room, but also between rooms.

As usual, physical spaces are not the most glamourous aspect of academic higher education, but not in this story.

Strategic design supports peer-led learning, empowers digital discovery and connects the new means for student study-groups. The best of these spaces are a tour de forte of technology-driven that set in mind for individualized education led by FNU Library staff.

The spread of furniture has the idea of engagement, and makes education more meaningful. In return – the study process brings understanding and value:

  • Furniture is colorful, flexible, mobile, and with ability to charge laptops and mobile phones;
  • Each collaborative area have access to both physical and digital collections;
  • Each collaborative area have a writable surface to study and learn individually and in study-groups.

The Library facility cannot be as it was 200 years ago in the Industrial age. Today in 21st century, we are living in the Knowledge age. The best of the new place is that someone can get excited and feel like they are part of the conversation. The new facility design supports the new way of project-based learning. The smart light display makes the learning and study process presentable and visible.

These contemporary design choices reflect on both the FNU’s mission and vision. Digital devices, connectivity, lighting, and furniture aim to empower a particular vision of the way in which modern education models unfold. The human factor has been prioritized by providing library users with the space to study, space for meetings, professional development, or recreation reading. It puts library users in a position to be a better learner – overall pushing learning toward project-based learning.

Group learning, digital devices, individual spaces and individual experiences bring us forward for the highlights of the future higher education for many years to come and serve the academic community.

Currently, we continue to organize to use our spaces in the most effective ways. The larger physical space requires more staff. The continuing education and training for new hired staff is on the way to accommodate both shifts and extended hours of operation.

Welcome to our new home of books, computers, digital databases and study-rooms facilitation!

Ida Tomshinsky, MLS

FNU Library Director


305-821-3333, ext. 1161