Humanities College Courses: Which Classes Should You Take? [Video]

If you are looking to learn a skillset while earning a quality education that will prepare you to be the best professional in any work environment, then you need to find a regionally accredited university that offers quality humanity courses.

Understanding the Value of Taking Humanities Courses

It could be argued that humanity courses can’t teach you a traditional skillset. It can also be argued that a candidate with the best skills for the job can be overlooked for someone who is more personable and with superb communication skills. This is something that a humanities course can teach you.

What Humanities Courses Teaches Students

While it is important to acquire the necessary skills and basic fundamentals of the subject concentration that interests you, it’s equally important that you possess the social skills to interact in harmony with your co-workers and even more important, your clients. You’ll also come away with improved written and oral communication skills because humanity courses provokes students to engage in thinking critically about their culture and society through analyzing history, philosophy, art and other various subjects.

The humanities field is designed for students to study a wide variety of human behavior and interactions from the past and present. It is essentially the study of human culture, and because there are so many subcultures and different environments, the subject area of humanities is vast. As a result, college students will be able to pick and choose which area of humanities will best suit their professional career and/or personal interest.

Here are some humanities concentrations to consider taking at Florida National University:

Philosophy and Religion

One of the oldest subjects studied since the interest of education even began, the study of religion and philosophy are arguably one in the same. With an objective mind, armed with structured lesson plans to provoke critical thinking, you’ll be able to come away from each course with a better understanding of the differences and similarities that religious denominations have and the philosophy behind them. This type of cultured learning will help you work better alongside colleagues of different cultures and backgrounds.

The Arts

As described by Florida National University (FNU) Humanities Professor, Daylen Elosegui, the arts is meant to “push people’s buttons” used as a alternative way of express the best and worst times of society. Art provokes thought and can oftentimes deliver a message better than verbal communication. It can also be interpreted in different ways depending on one’s own cultural background and religion, if it applies. Art can also be used to make strong political statements.

Literature and Language

Perhaps the best way to understand society is to understand its history in terms of literature and language. Literature can be described as a creative literary artistic expression of society and human communication in various bodies of work such as plays, novels, and of course, Greek literature. As a humanities student focusing on literature and language, you’ll get a better understanding of the origins of a language structure and also be able to analyze what you believe the author’s intent was. This type of intellectual discussion within a classroom setting has the potential to educate students with a better understanding of the deeper meaning of humankind.

History and Anthropology

While literature and language offers somewhat of a creative viewpoint of society, the study of history and anthropology gives students the information to evaluate hard facts and form logical and sound conclusions. Through this area of concentration, you’ll learn about the rise and fall of different cultures and empires. You’ll also come away with a better understanding of how politics, government and economics work.

FNU Humanities Courses: Connecting You with the Past, Present, and Future

The humanity courses at FNU will allow you to gain the excellence to be one of the best professionals in your industry. The most important benefit that you’ll take away from each of our humanities course is self-confidence. This is because all of these courses are designed to give students a greater insight into the past that will give them a better understanding of the present. They will then be able to go forward with an objective outlook to plan for a successful future.

The humanity courses at FNU are structured so that students can have an open forum of intellectual dialogue and put into practice what they’ve learned.

Other Academic Options at FNU

If you want to get the most out of your college education, then enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program will offer you more opportunities to take humanities courses. We also offer an Associates of Arts Degree that allows you to take a total of 21 credit hours of electives, but with a bachelor’s degree, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll learn a skillset that best interests you while getting the benefits of learning about humanities. This is something that most technical colleges will not offer.

How Soon Can You Enroll?

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