Independence Rocks! Recap

Thanks to the help of our co-sponsors and hard working volunteers, Independence Rocks! was a big success. With representatives from both the Democratic and Republican parties (and donations from both Burger King and McDonalds) it was truly a non-partisan event. Not only did Florida National University give away $1500 worth of free food to our community, we had fun doing it!

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robainas took time out of his busy schedule to open the event, speaking to the crowd and stopping for photos. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart also visited the Hialeah Campus, while Former Mayor Raul Martinez closed the event with a question and answer session in the Golden Room.

Although the event was designed to encourage civic responsibility and voter registration, it also had a lighter side with Djs on campus from 12noon-6:15p to keep the party atmosphere alive. Special thanks go out to ‘El Gato’ and Mega 94.9 for promoting our event on air and for visiting with the Mega 94.9 van in the afternoon.

Finally, those of us who worked hard to develop this event want to thank those of you who participated. Taking part in school sponsored events ensures their continuation. (It also paves the way for bigger and better events in the future.)

Burger King
Fiesta Paradise
Ñoooo que barato!
Abdor Graphics, Inc.
Mega 94.9