New International Club brings Multicultural Perspectives

International Students Association and Clubs

What is it like to learn at Florida National University? While the answer differs for every student, we all pretty much agree on a few things. The people are friendly, open-minded and passionate about their work. For an idea of the place, think, “top Hialeah school meets top athletic spot.”

We are equal parts innovation and sunshine. Florida National University offers a comprehensive college experience, meaning that campus is a place to learn and study, dine, play, explore and grow. From university-wide events and community activities to career opportunities and more than few international students, there is always something to do.

It has been proven: students who succeed in college are the same students who participate in activities outside of academics. This is one of the reason the FNU offers so many ways to get involved.

The FNU Library is the intellectual and cultural heart of the university. It serves FNU faculty, students, and staff, across disciplines and around the world via online education, by providing high-quality research resources, high-impact services, and high-energy programming, and very soon high-notch facility in the new building. The Florida National University history, digital collections, and leading-edge technology reflect its leadership’s dedication to past, present, and future.

Living with #Conquistadors, fueling your body and soul, staying healthy and having fun, making friends and building community – there are the trends of student life at FNU. Go Conquistadors!

Part of everyday life on campus is being able to get the help you need and when you need it. Everyone wants you to be as healthy, happy and successful as possible.

If someone asks, who we are? The answer is simple: we are international, we create the future, and we make connections. The International Student Association and its divisions – Cuban, Brazilian, Venezuelan and Vietnamese subdivision clubs have a clear mission to enrich and connect communities through cultural diversity, where spice and variety come together.

  • To produce fun and functional outreach programs that promote the vitality of liberal arts, culture, and education
  • To implement the clubs as an educational tool for exploring the authentic experience, with focus on the cultural background
  • To provide space for self-expression for audiences of various upbringing to interact in an ongoing dialogue
  • To facilitate communication, tolerance and understanding among people of diverse identities
  • To advocate inclusiveness by utilizing the activities and events to transcend boundaries both within the community and globally

The common ground build by organized progressive members of the local communities committed to activism to cultivate a positive safe space for growing personally and professionally toward future career opportunities for personal goals and the community empowerment.

Bienvenido! Bem Vinda! Hoan Nghênh! Welcome!

2018 International Students from ESOL programs are here!

Let us hear your voice!

Sing up for the International Clubs in your Class Today!

Together you can do so many things! Here are some club ideas: tell us who you are and what would you like to study for the professional career. Start your own newsletter, take tons of pictures, introduce to your culture and cuisine, music and songs; and have coffee or tea with books & friends, organize a family and friends weekend pick-nick, have a conversational hour in the FNU Library or attend the Conquistadors game. Get involved and engaged!

Ida Tomshinksy
Library Director