International Students: Consider English as a Second Language in South Florida

International StudentsBesides learning and understanding the social customs, it’s also most advantageous to learn the primary language spoken in that country when one is an international student pursuing higher education abroad. This will make a student’s learning experience, and their overall experience in general, easier.

While most colleges and universities welcome international students, most are not able to teach them in the native tongue of the student’s country of origin. It is customary for schools to teach in the primary language of their country. Though many students have already prepared themselves to speak the primary language of the country where they will be attending school, it is highly recommended to take a preparatory language class to strengthen their communication skills, preferably in the school where the other courses are taking place.

Importance of Good Communication

No matter what profession a student chooses to study, good communication is key. The communicator needs to be able to have a good understanding of who his or her audience is. The audience can range anywhere from one person to thousands, and even more! This all depends on the avenue of communication, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with how one projects the message. For the communicator, it’s all about getting a general idea of who the audience is, what the demographics are, the interests of the audience, and relaying the message in the correct tone.

For the recipient of the message, he or she needs to listen, interpret, and adopt an understanding of that which is being communicated.

The line of communication and the language spoken must be shared between the communicator and the recipient. Without an agreed upon method of communicating, there is no method at all. That is why international students should consider taking the English as a Second Language course when studying abroad at Florida National University (FNU).

Advantages to Taking English as a Second Language

FNU is a regionally accredited university located in South Florida, with campuses in Miami and Hialeah. It is the perfect location for international students to comfortably learn English as a second language. For international students who are already fluent in English, taking the English as a Second Language course will only improve their dialect and communication skills, turning them into a most excellent English speaker. If students remain vigilant in learning English as a Second Language, they may even seem with time as though English is their first language!

Why Should English Be the Preferred Second Language?

English is the primary language spoken in the United States (US). For international students studying in the US, the best approach to making their learning experience better is to learn to speak the native language. American colleges and universities teach their classes primarily in English. On the basis of these two reasons alone, it can be argued well that one should study English as a Second Language in the US.

Finding the Right School to Learn a New Language

There is so much to consider when learning a new language. FNU understands the need for students to be in a comfortable learning environment. When it comes to mastering another language, one needs to make sure that they have also selected the right school.

There are many factors in determining whether or not a college or university is the right fit, especially for international students. One ought to choose a school that offers a stellar curriculum of accredited courses and is in a location where one doesn’t mind living during his or her college career. Students must be sure to select a university that offers the type of programs that will supplement his or her area of interest career-wise, aside from the English as a Second Language course.

Learn in a Place of Diversity

In addition to earning a college degree from an accredited university, being bi-lingual is always a strength when applying for a position within any company. Those looking to learn English may even pick up a little Spanish during their time at FNU!

As aforementioned, FNU’s main campus is located in Miami, the most highly populated city in the state of Florida. It is a thriving metropolitan area offering a myriad of possible career opportunities. Miami is set in South Florida, where there is a diverse Hispanic population fused with the existing American melting pot. This makes FNU the ideal school for students to attend, in addition to learning or improving new language skills.

What Else Should a University Offer?

When looking for the right school, the college or university puts prospective students through an interview process. The student must be prepared to meet certain requirements in order to begin his or her college career. This is a completely normal process. It is encouraged for a student to do the same conversely with the university or college to which they are applying. Make sure the school fits your requirements too!

School cost! So, if one plans on investing a great deal of money into his or her education, then he or she reserves the right to choose the best fit possible to obtain the best individual education that they can get.

Location, Location, Location!

International students may find that a college or university located in a more diversely populated area may be the way to go. Such a location can facilitate in the cultural transition period. Also, the likelihood of a student undergoing a severe case of culture shock may lessen with a population of more varied backgrounds. One must also consider what they might find appealing about the location, including: natural elements like beaches, recreational elements like parks, and a myriad of other things.

FNU English as a Second Language Courses

FNU’s English as a Second Language classes come in three levels: basic, intermediate, and high intermediate level. Depending on how fluent one’s understanding of English is, FNU will determine which level is the appropriate one for the student.

Of course there are other ways to learn English as a second language, but learning from a regionally accredited university is going to be one of the best avenues. If FNU seems as though it may be the right for you to take English as a Second Language, contact our admissions department to start the enrollment process today!