Interview with Yusset Perez: FNU Employee and Published Author!

Interview with Yusset Perez about his recently published book entitled of romantic love poetry with authentic original illustrations.

IT: The famous quotation that belongs to Pablo Neruda states: “I do not love you except because I love you.” Love poetry is a very personal genre. How you feel to let your personal feelings about emotions of loving and being loved to share with the world?

YT: People say that “behind every great man is a great woman.” The idea of the book belongs to the Loreliz Fuentes, who works at the FNU Registrar’s Office. Loreliz saved and preserved all the love correspondence despite many happenings in their lives.

IT: What is the history behind your story? What made you to become a published author?

YP: The history of the book has a love story of the Shakespearian aptitude of the two teenagers of Cuban descent that fell in love the same way as Romeo and Juliet. Nothing could stop two loving hearts. Loreliz left Cuba with her parents to start a new life in United States; and Yusset continued to love her and to write love poems to Loreliz. One day, Loreliz went back to Cuba and married Yusset, “with God’s ‘yes,’ all other’s ‘no’ did not matter!” After wedding, Loreliz returned back to Miami, and Yusset continued to write his letters of love and love poems, until he arrived in USA to be united with his young and beautiful wife. As Jose Marti said “only love can transform clay into miracle.”

IT: There are first book new books and there are debuts. The first book is always special and unforgettable. The debut is just a bonus – just a hint of other great poems to come. What are your future plans? Are you working on new creative project?

YP: Inspired by his publishing success, Yusset plans to write a biographical story entitled “Intimacy” as encouragement to other young couples to not give up on their love relationships. Loreliz Fuentes works on two manuscripts for children books and Yusset will illustrated them.

IT: Your illustrations made of pencil drawings are as good as the rhymes. What comes first: writing or painting? Both. Yusstet said when he writes, he sees things visually, and express himself in the surrealistic drawings to accompany the text in writing. The illustrations include many symbols related to the text and described situations.

IT: Do you plan to translate your poems in the English language to the wider reading audience?

YP: Yes, he does. At the present time, Yusset works together with Eliza Valdes, South Campus Library Assistant. She is translating the book of poetry in English language to expand the reading audience of fans who appreciate the romantic love poetry. Yusset follows the Pablo Neruda’s step, and in the 2nd Chapter he said it loud and clear: “I love you. Period.”

IT: Thank you and good luck with your creative talent and self-expressions.

YP: Yusset wants to thank everybody who purchased his book at and for the overwhelmed support from the FNU poetry readers and fans.