Introducing the Student Applause Award

Thank-you. It’s a very simple phrase, yet it has enormous potential. The words thank-you are an expression of gratitude and has the power to transform individuals as well as communities.

Living in a state of gratitude increases our ability to recognize new opportunities as we look beyond ourselves into the world around us. Appreciation flows from an open mind. In order to truly experience gratitude our focus must shift from our usual, self-centered thoughts to the recognition of others.

Living in a state of gratitude enriches the lives of those around us by embracing their contributions and rewarding their efforts. Expressing gratitude builds trust, respect, and loyalty. Gratitude allows us to build relationships before we need them.

It is in the spirit of gratitude that we introduce the Student Applause Awards. The Student Applause Award was designed to allow the students of FNU to express their appreciation for faculty and staff members who make a difference in their lives. It’s a chance to say, “Thank-you.”

Click here for more information on how you can nominate a deserving faculty or staff member.