Job Fair pairs FNU Alumni with Dream Career

One’s strength and mental fortitude will always be questioned in the path to success. FNU Alumni Noralina Almora is a testament to the perseverance and commitment that makes our students great. Noralina, 27, came to this country from her native Cuba at 9 years old. After finishing high school, she completed her pre-requisites at Miami-Dade College before enrolling at FNU. In 2011, Noralina graduated FNU with an Associate’s Degree from our Respiratory Therapy program; A great accomplishment, but she still had her eyes on a bigger prize. In 2014, Noralina was among the first group in school history to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) as an Entry Level Nurse

“I had a great experience at FNU. I always got help whenever I needed it. All my professors and advisors were very approachable and helped me succeed.”

The story could easily end here, but at FNU, our commitment to students does not end after graduation. As many graduates can attest to, finding a job after receiving your degree is not as easy as it may seem, particularly if you do not have field experience. Despite applying persistently, Noralina struggled to find employment. On a random day like any other, she received a call from FNU’s Job Placement department, receiving an invitation to our Fall Job Fair. Skeptical, she came and handed her resume to a representative from Jackson Memorial North, thinking it would get lost in a paper trail. A week later, she received a call. Noralina, once very hesitant about the validity of job fairs, had this to say: “Thanks to the job fair, I have a new, exciting job in my field that I start on Monday. I’m really excited. It was a great experience. I thought job fairs were just handing in a resume, but now I recommend them to all my friends.” Noralina Almora is now a Registered Nurse on the Orthopedic/Neurological Surgery Floor at Jackson North.

When asked what message she wanted to leave to current students struggling, Noralina left these encouraging words: “Don’t ever give up. For me to pass the board exam, it was really hard. It took 3 tries. I was depressed, but when you fall, get back up. I didn’t think job fairs would work. But I think EVERYONE should go, because I am a testament to the fact that they TRULY WORK. Fight to make your dreams a reality.”