Jump Start Your Healthcare Services Administration Career in South Florida

Jump Start Your Healthcare Services Administration Career in South FloridaThere’s no doubt that healthcare administration is a complicated process. Patient admissions, insurance, assigning the correct procedural codes – healthcare professionals need dedicated people to perform administrative tasks quickly and accurately so they can get on with providing the care that their patients need.

This is why healthcare services administrators are in such high demand and are highly regarded. If you are looking for a rewarding career in healthcare, then becoming a healthcare services administrator is something you should definitely consider. You can jump start your healthcare services administration career in South Florida by enrolling in a suitable course offered at Florida National University. We have a Healthcare Services Administration Associate Degree and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as well.

We will focus here on the Bachelor of Science because this is a definitive step into the career.

Health Services Administration Bachelor of Science

This course offered by FNU will give you a broad understanding of contemporary healthcare and the administrative tasks that are involved. It will provide you with the professional skills that you need in order to offer a number of administrative roles within the healthcare industry. You will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Services Administration diploma upon your graduation from this course of study.

You will need to complete a number of modules in order to gain your qualification. These include, generally speaking:

• Effective communication including English composition and the fundamentals of oral communication
• Humanities, behavioral and social sciences
• Human biology and basic human anatomy
• Mathematics: college-level algebra and an introduction to statistics
• Computing: an introduction to IT

The main core of your program, however, will concentrate on all the precise skills you will need to become an effective healthcare administrative professional. These include the principles of business management and accounting, an introduction to healthcare and medical terminology and typical medical office management practices and procedures. You will learn about how medical insurance coding and billing works, which is crucial when dealing with insurance and patient reimbursement claims.
At a higher level you will learn key aspects of your role that go above pure administrative tasks. These include typical financial issues when dealing with healthcare matters and ethical issues you may encounter. You will also learn about cultural diversity, health care law, business communication and managing risk.

There are a number of electives that will offer you the opportunity to learn about specific topics you find most interesting. These include the ethics involved with caring for the elderly, the negotiation and resolution of conflicts and the legal aspects and appropriate legislation in healthcare.

Set Yourself Apart With a Health Services Administration Bachelor of Science Degree from FNU

In short, completing this program will leave you ready to pursue a career as a professional healthcare administrator, and allow your resume to look extremely attractive to potential employers. Remember, the healthcare administration sector is a highly competitive one, so to kickstart your career you will need to show you’ve been suitably trained and that you have acquired all the knowledge necessary to become effective in your role.

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