What Kind Career Can I Have with a Legal Studies Degree?

The obvious answer to this question is of course a paralegal, legal secretary, and seek admission to law school. After all, it’s a legal studies degree!

Graduating with a paralegal degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re only required to work as a legal assistant, paralegal, or expected to gain admission to school. These are all highly respected jobs that any graduate should be proud of. They have the strong potential to lead to extraordinary career opportunities. However, most students are under the misconception that once they earn a legal studies degree that they’re confined to work just in these three professions, and that’s not the case.

What Else Can You Do with a Legal Studies Degree?

Florida National University (FNU) encourages students to take a closer look at our Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies program. While it is originally designed for students who are seeking a career in law, there are other professions that the law applies to, and these positions would gladly accept a candidate with a background in legal studies.

If you are wondering what kind of career you can have with a legal studies degree, here’s just a short list of professions that might spark your interest.

  • Police Officer – In some states, you can apply to the police academy without a degree. However, having an educational background in legal studies will put you ahead of your class when it comes to lawfully enforcing the law. With a legal studies degree, you’ll have demonstrated to your superior officers that you have the discipline and cognitive skills to earn a college degree. This will also prove that you have what it takes to be an upstanding officer who can clearly communicate with his or her peers, while on duty, and if necessary, to the public and in a court of law.
  • Probation Officer – The probation officer takes more of a personal approach with individuals who are habitual violators of the law. Their duty is to supervise offenders who have been or currently incarcerated. They assist probationers with the resources to help reintroduce them into mainstream society. Probation officers are responsible for testing for drugs and providing the resources for substance abuse counseling if necessary. A probation officer who has a legal background will be a more viable job candidate than an applicant who doesn’t.
  • Real Estate Agent – Not every career you pursue with a legal studies degree is related to criminal law. The job as a Real Estate Broker requires you to have a basic understanding of legal procedures. Agents are involved with selling and/or buying real estate or land. This kind of profession involves preparing contracts, purchase offers, agreements, and deeds. Since each state has different laws when it comes to buying and selling land, it’s imperative that every real estate agent becomes somewhat familiar with legal proceedings. Having a strong skillset in Contracts and Business Entities could help.
  • Human Resources Assistant – The Human Resources (HR) Department is arguably one of the most sensitive departments in any business organization. Aside from assisting in the planning and coordinating of a company’s workforce, an HR Assistant is also responsible for assisting the HR Manager with arbitrating disputes and executing a line of disciplinary actions. Such delicate responsibilities entail having a basic understanding of business law.

More About FNU’s Paralegal Studies Program

FNU’s associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies offers a regionally accredited curriculum that combines the basic fundamentals of American law and social science. Students will be required to complete 6 credit hours of courses under humanities and 6 credit hours in behavior science. Having a strong understanding in English Composition is important, which is why a total of 6 credit hours are required here in addition to 3 required credits for speech class. As a paralegal, it is imperative that FNU graduates are able to clearly articulate the matter at hand in a clear and concise way. Furthermore, FNU makes it a point to make sure that all of our graduates come away with a basic understanding of criminal law, civil law, procedures, and ethics and liability.

How Long Does the Program Take?

The Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies takes approximately 2 years to complete. Financing is available for students who may need some assistance paying for their tuition. Our financial aid department can help you apply for federal aid and assist you in seeking out private education loans and scholarships.

It is worth noting that if you’re interested in pursuing a legal studies degree, employment in the legal profession requires you to undergo a criminal, credit, and character background check.

View our online curriculum of Paralegal Studies here. Then contact an FNU advisor to get the admissions process started today!