• How to Reduce College Tuition Expense

    When you start adulting, one of the biggest investment expenses to adopt is a student loan. To make sure that you’re not incurring too much debt while earning your college education, the administrative team here at Florida National University (FNU) would like to provide you with some helpful tips on what you can do to … Continued

  • Hand writing "Apply Now"

    When is the Best Time to Apply to FNU?

    In short, it is never too late to apply to Florida National University (FNU). However, it is most beneficial for prospective students to apply for admission as soon as possible. There are many steps that must be taken when applying to a college or university. We understand that most students are eager to start their … Continued

  • Dual Enrollment: Get Ahead of the Competition

    It seems uncommon for many of today’s students to truly understand the value of education at an early age. That’s why students who enroll in dual enrollment programs are often considered extraordinary individuals with a bright mind. They are committed to scholastic excellence, which can be a determiner of future success. Students who are looking … Continued