Leading Computer Technology Program in Miami, Florida

Considering getting some kind of degree in computer technology? A smart way to go about choosing a program is reading the skills and tasks that are listed in job descriptions for those top-tier IT positions you’re really interested in.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median pay for web developers with a fresh Associate’s degree, for instance, is almost $68,000. The national median pay for Computer and Information Research Scientist with a Master’s degree is $114,520. Software Developers are in a similar pay range, with the national median earning $103,560 with just a Bachelor’s degree.

According to the website PayScale, a median salary for IT Managers in Miami per se is $71,000, with more than half of IT Managers making anywhere incrementally up to $100,000, and roughly $19,000 in average commissions when it’s a part of their package.


In today’s world, though, everyone must able to do a little bit of everything and IT is no exception. So lead programmer or designer positions, technology officer positions, even systems admin positions are requiring overlapping skills.

For instance, a programmer today must also know how to design and understand user experience, work in a team, program in various languages, work on mobile apps and web pages.

A web designer is being asked to know about marketing, to do some coding, deal with servers, teach users how to use software and hardware, work with and sometimes administer databases.

A successful CTO is expected to know all of the above and on top of that test new technologies, ensure backup servers, firewalls, oversee web content and desktop support, come up with and enforce technology-related procedures, understand profoundly business expectations such as ROI so that he/she can help CEOs and COOs make decisions, oh, and be flexible and ingenious.

The aforementioned were all picked from real job descriptions. And as you all know, getting your CV seen is a matter of getting the right keywords and experience down on “paper” with a portfolio, if possible, and to the right person at the right time.

Getting picked out of a set of applications is not an easy task, and a degree is just one of the filters that are often used. However, a degree shows, more than anything, a level of dedication and a real desire for learning.

Whatever university you chose must answer to all of the requirements for employment as an IT professional in today’s world. Because skills become almost obsolete in two years in this rapidly changing technology realm, one of the most desirable characteristics that recruiters are looking for in a candidate is insatiable curiosity, learning, and desire to better things. A degree can show that, but how do you get one without breaking your piggy bank?

Florida National University is affordable, we are

Leading Computer Technology Program in Miami, Florida


  • Regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, so your degree “counts,”
  • we designed our program to answer today’s broad skills set needed in the computer technology sector
  • we offer several avenues towards a technical career.

Check out the various computer-related programs we offer at FNU:

With these degrees, you will have the credentials needed to enter a position in the lucrative and highly in-demand field. You can click on the links above to see the basic classes, but below we’ve mentioned some of the Associate of Science Degree Core Requirements for these computer technology classes and the Electives that will help you specialize:

  • Visual Basic
  • SQL Server
  • Networking Essentials
  • Web Programming and Web Page Authoring Software
  • C Programming
  • Animation for Web
  • Graphics for Web
  • Client Operating Systems
  • Computer Repair
  • Database Management
  • C++ Programming
  • Routing Protocols and Concepts

FNU students consistently give our professors excellent ratings and in their success stories they always refer to the support from their teachers who insisted that they excel and led the cheering as they made it to the finish line.

We are conveniently located in South Miami and Hialeah. You can see all of our locations, with photos, maps and contact information by clicking on this link.

Learn Online Through Our Distance Learning

Since you’re tech-savvy and are used to getting your life situated through a CPU, of course, the programs that make the most sense that is done remotely are in the computer technology careers. You can do a combination of in-person-and-online classes, or simply get your entire A.S. degree in these specific technical careers through FNU online:

Networking Systems Administrator

Financial Aid

Leading Computer Technology Program in Miami Florida

There are many opportunities for financial aid in general, but Florida National University also has some scholarships specifically for FNU students. Check out our Financial Aid page.

*Approximate time based on a full course load per normal semester, not including summer and winter breaks.