How a Master’s in Health Administration Can Advance Your Career in Florida

A stethoscope on top of a medical reportThe state of Florida is the perfect place for someone who is interested in either pursuing a career in the healthcare industry or advancing in the position he or she already has acquired in the field.

The number of jobs in the healthcare industry is expected to increase significantly according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their 2015 report stated that there was an employment rise of 1.3% with an annual mean salary of $73,240. This is for healthcare practitioners and technical occupations. For healthcare support occupations, the employment increase was the same at 1.3%, but the annual mean salary listed at $28,570.

While the rise remains the same percentage-wise and the annual salary differs, one thing is certain: To land a position under any of these categories is going to require a considerable amount of education.

Why You Need a College Education to Work in Healthcare

Working in the healthcare industry, no matter if you’re at the low end or the high end of the salary pay grade, the job duties that it entails is usually going to require a certain kind of skill set, and a high school diploma will not meet those qualifications. In the state of Florida, you’ll find plenty of degree programs that will prepare you to become the healthcare worker you’ve always wanted to be.

Consider Your Existing Academic Record

There are many people who hold a healthcare support occupation only to go to school and earn their bachelor’s degree to work as an RN. While some RNs may decide to earn their RN to MSN degree, other nurses may find that they favor the administrative side of the healthcare industry. Professionals like this might want to consider enrolling in the Masters in Health Services Administration degree program.

Who is This Degree Program For?

The Masters in Health Services Administration program is designed for students who have already completed their bachelor’s degree. So if you’ve already earned a certificate or an associate’s degree, the next step is to enroll in a bachelor’s program. It’s highly recommended to consult with an admissions’ advisor to determine if any of the courses you’ve already completed can go toward a bachelor’s degree.

So What Does the Masters In Health Services Administration Offer?

Florida National University’s master’s program in Health Services Administration requires students to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours. It’s designed to provide students and healthcare professionals with a quality education to help assist them in becoming influential leaders in the healthcare profession. With this degree, they’ll be capable of managing administrative duties such as managing patient health care records, human resources, and facilities management.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With This Degree?

The healthcare industry is massive and there are so many different divisions for an administrative to work under. As an administrator with a master’s degree in Health Services Administration, the possibilities are limitless. You’ll be able to position yourself in high-level positions that require major decision-making skills that might affect the health industry as a whole. It really all depends on where in the healthcare industry you want to work. In some cases, a person with a master’s in Health Services Administration might even end up working in the accounting department. Insurance is another important part of the healthcare sector.

So if you plan on earning your master’s degree in Health Services Administration, then it’s imperative that you choose the right college that’s going to give you the quality education you need and deserve.

With FNU’s Masters in Health Services Administration, you’ll be taking the following courses:

  • Health Care Finance
  • Management of Health Care Organizations
  • Statistics in Health Care Management
  • S. Health Care System
  • Health Care Law and Legislation
  • Planning and Marketing in Health Services Administration
  • Health Information Systems and Electronic Health Records
  • Managerial Epidemiology
  • Health Risk Care Management
  • ***There is also a Health Services Administration Capstone Project. This will be further discussed with your professor.

This degree program will take approximately one year to complete.

Another Option: Taking Your Classes Online!

At FNU, you also have the opportunity to take your master’s courses virtually online. This will give you the flexibility to manage classes around your own personal schedule. FNU will come to you instead of you coming to the FNU campus! Of course, depending on the Capstone Project, you might be required to complete this project on campus. The advisor will determine this.

Another plus is that FNU is a regionally accredited higher learning institute that is equipped to offer you a proper education that’s affordable for you. Read more about our university’s accreditations here. You can also learn about the financial aid opportunities that you might be eligible for here.

Contact FNU to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors today.