MBA Open House at Florida National University

Ms. Mearli Orozco, FNU Valedictorian and Guest Blogger attended the FNU MBA Open House and wrote this blog.

FNU MBA Open House
MBA orientaton

I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Florida National University. One of my goals in life is to continue with my education and obtain a career where I can utilize my previous management experience and skills. One of the fields that have always held my interest was Business Administration because I like options, security, and power. I want to be able to become a leader and manage an organization or corporation.

It came to my attention that FNU is offering a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree program, and it was going to host an open house for those interested in obtaining an MBA. I wanted to learn what FNU had to offer in terms of an MBA and determine if the program was right for me, so on October 3rd I attended the open house. What attracted me the most during the orientation was how well structured the MBA program is at FNU.

FNU hosted an MBA Open House
Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez conducted the orientation

I have researched other universities but they were nothing compared to the program FNU has to offer. Not only is it less expensive, but it also very versatile and flexible. The MBA program presentation was conducted by Dr. James Bullen, FNU’s Division Head of Business and Economics and Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez, FNU’s Department Head of Business and Economics. Dr. Bullen went over his work experience as a business administrator and encouraged attendants to be committed to reaching their goals. Dr Gonzalez went over the program; I was amazed to find out the different concentrations FNU is offering such as general management, finance and marketing. I was also astonished to find out that the academic and practical component of the MBA program is based on an extensive use of the Harvard Case Study Method to enhance academic learning with exposure to real world situations.

The reason why I decided to join the MBA program at Florida National University was because after that excellent orientation, I realized that FNU is the university that has the most prepared program compared to others. It is less expensive than other programs, FNU offers scholarships opportunities, and the program only requires 36 credits which means within in one year I can obtain my MBA.

I was really amazed by the preparation and dedication FNU’s staff gave to conduct this successful orientation. They served delicious refreshments, the staff was very attentive, and the speakers covered all the information needed.

MBA Open House at Florida National University
Refreshments were served

I encourage every one interested in the world of business to continue to obtain an MBA, and I strongly believe that FNU is the best university in which to reach that goal.

The following is brief slideshow of the MBA Open House.