Meant to Last Together Book Signing

Meant to Last Together Book Signing Flyer

We at Florida National University are happy to announce that we will be hosting a book signing for Dr. Maritza Montano’s new book titled “Meant to Last Together” on February 11th from 7-8:00pm. The event will take place at our library which is located on the second floor of our Dr. Jose Regueiro Building. “Meant to Last Together” speaks about all things dealing with love and relationships. Here is a small description.

Most of us want to find someone who cares about us, treats us well, and is willing to commit. Unfortunately, many of us leave out a crucial step to ensuring we find a long-lasting, healthy relationship with someone who accepts us unconditionally: the step of self-discovery and self-love. We cannot expect from another, what we are uncapable to give ourselves. Maritza Montano, PhD, relies on wisdom gleaned over years of study, her professional counseling practice, and personal experiences to share a roadmap and self-help tools intended to guide others to discover, accept, and value themselves before becoming wrapped up in the wrong relationship. Meant to Last Together is a comprehensive guide that shares tools and personal experiences tailored to help others shift their life course toward building happy, healthy, and strong relationships.

Dr. Montano will speak about not just her book but also about the inspiration behind its creation as well. There will also be a meet and greet along with a Q&A. So make sure you come by February 11th and learn how to find and nurture long and fruitful relationships!