Becoming A Medical Assisting Technologist: Certifications And Requirements

Becoming A Medical Assisting Technologist
The need for qualified medical assistants continues to increase as more Baby Boomers reach the age of retirement. The field of Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists is projected to grow at 13%, which is considered faster than average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In general, the medical field is in high demand for individuals with the right education and certifications to help doctors and nurses complete their exams and provide care for patients. Florida National University (FNU) has developed an extensive course that will allow students to excel in this high demand position and obtain their necessary certifications.
FNU has embraced the medical field as one of our top career industries to offer students in the community. FNU understands that college students and workers want an education that is designed to increase their salary expectations, further their career and find ever-more fulfilling positions.
FNU has streamlined the medical assistant technology program so that students can reach their educational goals in a two-year period, earning nationally-recognized Associates in Science or Arts.

Certification Requirements To Practice as a Medical Assistant

Graduating from the FNU Medical Assisting Technologies AS program will place you in the right position to become a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Medical assistants that hold a degree and have a work history in the profession can seek national certification. As a registered medical technician, you place yourself in the position for better paying and advanced positions in the medical field.
You must register and pay for a test to qualify to become a Registered Medical Technician in Florida. Technicians can take the test more than once if necessary. Upon passing you’ll need to renew your certification on a yearly basis, and, like most certifications, take credits to maintain your status.
In addition to the Registered Medical Technician program, you can also take a national test to become a Certified Medical Technician or a Certified Medical Technician, for example, in a specific medical field. All of these certifications can help you advance in your career.


FNU is fully-accredited to award Certificates, A.S., A.S. and Graduate-level degrees. Our degrees are nationally-recognized and our instructors are driven to help you get the most out of your time at FNU and beyond. Check out what our graduates say about their time at FNU on our testimonials and student success page.

Class Requirements For A Medical Assistant Technology Degree

All students that wish to become a degreed Medical Assistant will need to complete a minimum of 75 credit hours. Of these 75 hours, 50 hours must be dedicated to the core principals of the program. Students will be required to take the following classes to obtain their degree:
Aside from basic courses such as Math and Humanities, you’ll also take basic courses in health, including Human Biology, Medical Terminology, Anatomy. We’ll familiarize you with office procedures, business communication and clinical procedures through dedicated classes in each topic so you feel 100% confident in the admin-oriented areas of your position.
Some of the slightly science-related classes include Lab Procedures and Radiology for Medical Assisting. View the full list of coursework here for the Medical Assistant Technology AS at FNU.
All students will be required to complete 135 hours of clinical practice before receiving their associate degree in Medical Assisting Technologies.

Online Courses, Distance-Learning Program at FNU

Distance-Learning Program at FNUFNU understands that many people face the challenge of having to work and attend college at the same time. This dilemma, however, should not prevent you from reaching your goals and creating a better future for yourself through education.
To meet the needs of its students, FNU offers many of its classes online for the convenience of the students. You can attend many of your classes, even core classes, in the convenience of your home and on your own schedule. Class requirements are set out at the beginning of the session and you must comply with these requirements for the class to be a success. It is that simple.
All of the online classes are taught by our experienced staff and you have the ability to interact with the teacher and the other students to get the most from your online classroom experience. There may be requirements to attend the school for some portions of the class, but this will differ with each class.
As a final benefit, all of the online classes at FNU are qualified to be part of your financial aide program. If you are using financial aid you can apply your benefits towards these classes to help you complete your degree.
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Financial Aid Options

We offer many different financial aid opportunities to continue your education. We do not believe that financial issues should hinder a person’s ability to create a better future for themselves through gaining an education. Our financial aid officers can help you through the entire process of finding the right financial aid package to cover the cost of your education.
One of our counselors would be pleased to take you step-by-step through the entire schooling and enrollment process. Our counselors are trained to help you succeed. It is our responsibility to our future students to help set them on the right track to earning their degree.
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