Meet Annierys Fernandez Diaz…

Meet Annierys Fernandez Diaz…

Longing for freedom, Annierys Fernandez Diaz left her native country, Cuba, one year and one month ago. She had a strong desire to reunite with her mother and live in the USA, the land of the free and opportunity!

Motivated and filled with eagerness, Annierys researched and explored where she could pursue her educational dream. Despite not being proficient in the English language, Annierys did not allow this to be an obstacle, nor did it deter her from starting on her education in a field in which “your hands do the talking.” She found and enrolled at Florida National University (FNU) where she is studying Crown and Bridge & Porcelain, and is happy pursuing her dream. Her thirst for knowledge, coupled with her determination, has allowed her to get a jump-start on her journey to become a dental technology professional. Enthusiastic to learn, Annierys works during the day and attends classes at FNU in the evening. She drives over one hour to attend her classes, Monday through Thursday.

Annierys needed and was looking for a job. Out of desperation, she was considering taking a position working at a gas station located in an unsafe area, and if hired, she would work the midnight shift. She humbly asked her professor, Mr. Mauricio Restrepo, for his advice and assistance. Having seen how dedicated, hardworking, driven, and committed Annierys is, Professor Restrepo guided and helped her to find a job in a government program. She is now working at East Coast Family Dental, where coincidentally she met another FNU graduate, who is not only her colleague, but has also become a friend.

Annierys believes that we should all have goals and plans, which lead us to achieve our dreams! When faced with obstacles, we must find solutions and work extra hard to overcome challenges. It is important not to be afraid; stay focused, and work towards achieving your goals and dreams!

Annierys Fernandez Diaz is an inspiration, and a role model for other students!

-Silvia “Bibi” Borges

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