Men’s tennis drops match to No. 9 Southeastern

FNU men's tennis final graphic. (02-13-23)
FNU men’s tennis final graphic. (02-13-23)


HIALEAH, Fla. (Feb. 13, 2023)Florida National University’s men’s tennis team failed to pull off a massive upset against the NAIA’s No.9 ranked Southeastern Fire. The courts at the Goodlet Park Tennis center sparkled in the cloudless sky as FNU’s top players put up solid performances against the visiting Fire. 

In doubles play, FNU could not capture the first point of the afternoon as Luigi Stefanacci and  David De Ayguavives were the first to lose by a score of 6-1. FNU pairs Umberto Particelli and Guido Gentile and Sebastian Fujita and Jan Oppermann went on to lose their doubles match 2-6 and 4-6, respectively. 

Heading into singles play down 0-1, FNU could not mount a comeback despite Jules Grignon and winning his first set 7-6 after a 7-1 win in the tiebreaker. Grignon, ultimately, lost the match (7-6 [7-1], 3-6, 5-10) while Stefanacci lost (1-6, 2-6). The Fire’s lead advanced to 3-0 as Makela lost a well-contested battle (1-6, 3-6). Gentile and De Ayguavives were the next to fall as the Fire secured the shutout, 7-0.

Doubles Competition:

Number one: 

Sebastian Fujita / Jan Oppermann lose to Christian Garay / Diego Menendez (4-6)

Number two:

Umberto Particelli / Guido Gentile lose to Guido Luna / Enrique Martinez (2-6)

Number three: 

Luigi Stefanacci / David De Ayguavives lose to Federico Barbon /  Victor Pilla (1-6)


Singles Competition: 

Jerry Makela falls to Christian Garay (1-6, 3-6)

Jules Grignon falls to Diego Menendez (7-6 [7-1], 3-6, 5-10)

Umberto Particelli falls to Federico Barbon (5-7, 3-6)

Luigi Stefanacci falls to Guido Luna (1-6, 2-6)

Guido Gentile falls to Enrique Martinez (4-6, 5-7)

David De Ayguavives falls to Christian Della Cioppa (3-6, 6-7)


Up Next: FNU hits the road again this time versus RV St. Thomas Feb. 21.


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