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The importance of continuing education is becoming more of a priority than it is an option these days. With technology steadily increasing, the need to be at the top of your professional game is ever present. Even professionals who have been working in their industry for decades are at risk of getting their job “restructured” for someone who is more up to date with the job and the industry overall. This is where new college graduates have the most advantage when applying for job positions. While the main challenge might be gaining experience, with the right university, putting your academic practices to the test will provide you with exactly that.

Still, when employers say that they’re looking for experience, they typically mean 3-5 years of working in a professional environment—something that most new graduates find challenging which is why they must search for entry-level positions and then work their way up to a higher position as they eventually gain the years of experience.

Comparing the New Graduate with the Seasoned Professional

The issue here is that the new professionals who are gaining the experience may already be behind the eight ball when it comes to understanding how the latest technological advancements are being applied to their industry. This is where continuing education comes into play.

School is Never Out!

When it comes to getting an education, it really never ends. There’s just milestones. This hard truth is something that most colleges and/or universities won’t tell you for fear that you’ll go running the other way. Embarking on the journey toward a college degree can be intimidating and even overwhelming. It will sometimes seem like you’ll never reach graduation, but with hard work and determination—along with a can-do attitude, you’ll get there! You just can’t give up.

At Florida National University (FNU) our faculty and staff strive to do everything possible to help you earn your college degree. For FNU Conquistadors, quitting is not an option! This goes for our current graduates. This is why we offer continuing education programs.

Great for Working Professionals

Professionals who feel that they could use a little more education have a place at FNU. It’s common for many of our alum and even graduates from other regionally accredited universities to enroll in one of our continuing education programs.

Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

With campuses in the South Florida area, we are surrounded by top-of-the-line medical facilities and specialists. With Jackson Hospital, Kendall Baptist Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Baptist Health, Larkin Community Hospital along with urgent care facilities and private practices, the healthcare industry is ever growing. This is due to the Baby Boomer population that is migrating down to the South Florida region increasing the need for geriatric care. This means that more healthcare physicians, practitioners, nurses, and technicians will be needed.

That’s why most of our continuing education programs are designed for the healthcare industry, and it’s certainly no coincidence. As a regionally accredited university, our goal is to offer an education to people in our surrounding community to ultimately improve their quality of life. This first and foremost means ensuring that all students who are enrolled in any of our programs are receiving a quality education.

What Else Does FNU Offer?

While most of our continuing education programs are healthcare related, we’re committed to preparing students for employment in their preferred area of interest. We also offer 2-year associates programs in Business Administration, Education, Public Administration, Paralegal Studies, Criminal Justice, Arts, and Accounting.

Other Ways Continuing Education Programs

For aspiring students and working professionals who may not have the time to commit to a 2-year degree program, but would still like to get some type of higher education certificate or diploma, FNU’s continuing education programs cater to that as well. Some of these certificate programs take less than a year to complete. Many graduates have gone on to land rewarding jobs and others may have decided to further their education by enrolling in one of our associate or bachelor’s degree programs.

A Popular Continuing Education Program in Miami

Being based in the heart of Hialeah, one of our most popular continuing education programs is English as a Second Language. At FNU, there are three different levels that students can enroll in based on their level of proficiency. This will be determined during the registration process. To learn more about our ESL programs, watch our video about “How Florida National University’s ESL Classes Benefit International Students” here.

To get a detailed list of all of our continuing education programs, read our blog about “Career Training Programs at FNU” here.

The continuing education programs offered at FNU is the fastest way to obtain a higher learning education in the Miami area from a regionally accredited university that business and communities in the surrounding area will recognize. Because we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, we’re able to help students get federal financial aid. Federal aid would only be applicable to our degree programs, but our financial aid department can assist you in finding other ways to fund your continuing education. All you have to do is call any of our campuses in the South Florida area. In addition to our main campus in Hialeah, we also have a Southern campus located in Miami along with an Online Training and Learning Center. Come visit any of our campuses for a personal tour anytime.

Enroll Today!

View all of the continuing education courses we have to offer on our website. You’ll also see a list of all of the degree programs that we offer on campus—and some can be taken 100% online. Contact an FNU advisor to schedule a meeting today