Moving to Florida to Pursue a College Degree at FNU

Miami SkylineGraduating high school is a gratifying milestone, and for college-bound students, it’s a celebration that is short-lived. The responsibility of seeking out the perfect college awaits you! While embarking on your college-seeking adventure, always remember to keep your options open.

Looking for the Right College

It is common for students to apply to a college or university that complements their preferred area of study. While this strategy is most beneficial, there are other factors to consider when searching for the right college. Proximity is one of these major factors to take into account.

It can certainly be argued that going to a college or university that is close to home certainly has its benefits. When searching for the right college, it is common for some students to stay near home. It’s a familiar area, the tuition may be a little cheaper, and family is in close proximity. One may not even have to worry about paying for room and board!

Benefits of Moving Away to Go to School

On the other hand, going away to college has its own set of benefits. Moving away to attend a college or university forces a certain drive of independence that might not otherwise be achieved if you choose to go to school near home. Being further away from home forces you to live a life that is independent from the umbrella of parental supervision.

Furthermore, this newfound independence may very well help you better manage your resources more responsibly. This, in turn prepares you to successfully manage your academic career as well as your future professional one. Employers look for applicants who have the ability to work independently as well as with a team.

Decisions, Decisions!

The Washington Post reports that there are approximately 5,300 colleges in the United States. This includes independent colleges, beauty schools, and technical institutes. Even if the last two were omitted, the number would still be significantly high, making it a large pool of scholastic options to choose from.

That is why factoring in proximity can greatly reduce the number of options, making the selection process less overwhelming.

One way to decide proximity is determining whether you prefer to live in a warm or colder climate. Some people prefer to live in a climate where there are seasons, and others prefer sunshine all year around. For those who prefer the latter, consider moving to Florida as the place where you want to begin your college career.

Why Move to Florida?

Aside from the beautiful tropical weather 12 months out of the year, Florida has been considered the state where most people vacation. As a Florida student, you’ll have the opportunity to live in what many people in the United States (US) consider paradise.

Another good reason to consider moving to Florida is because this is where Florida National University (FNU) resides. FNU is an accredited university located in South Florida, near most of the most visited attractions in the state.

FNU offers academic programs at an advanced degree level. These programs include three master programs, ten bachelor programs, 25 associate programs, nine diploma programs and eight certificate programs. FNU also has intimate classroom settings that create a better learning experience for students verses the over-sized classrooms that might appear intimidating.

FNU has three campuses: one located in Miami and the other in Hialeah along with a training center. FNU offers a media center, dental, medical, language, X-Ray, and computer labs, and a childcare facility.

What Are the Advantages of Living in Miami?

Going to school in the heart of Miami certainly has its advantages. Miami is ranked as one of the most populated cities in the state of Florida. It is home to the National Basketball League’s (NBA) Miami Heat, the National Football League’s (NFL) Miami Dolphins, and the National Baseball League’s (NBL) Marlins.

For students who prefer a more artistic style of entertainment, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts hosts a plethora of theatrical events headlining regional, national and worldwide talent. Miami also hosts other cultural areas, such as the famous Wynwood art district, home to the Wynwood Walls.

Miami is only a 4-hour drive from the gorgeous Florida Keys and approximately a 3½-hour drive from the famous Walt Disney World. It is also in close proximity to The Bahamas and South America. The city of Miami is well known for the coastal resort city that is Miami Beach. Its historical Art Deco architecture has fascinated tourist for years along with its 2-mile long beach looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean—this is the place you can call home while earning your college degree!

A College for International Students

FNU prides itself in being one of the best schools for international students. There is no tuition surcharge for international students. They receive the same tuition fees as local students.

Miami is also rich in diversity. Considered a multicultural city with an estimated population of 58% foreign-born citizens according to the 2012 US Census Bureau reported by, international students can alleviate some of the anxiety that often comes with culture shock.

What Makes FNU Unique

In addition to FNU’s meritorious academic programs, the school also offers social programs like the Student Government Association along with team sports. Both programs are designed to enhance students’ social skills to improve their social, communication and disciplinary skills.

FNU’s Student Government Association (FNUSGA) is a self-governing student association created to be a liaison between the student body and the faculty, and administrators. This organization offers students the opportunity to plan, organize, promote, and manage on and off-campus events. It is also a great way for students to meet new friends and network.

Students also have the option of trying out for the soccer, volleyball or basketball team. For more information about FNU sports, visit the official Conquistador sports page here.

What Else Does FNU Offer Students?

If you are interested in learning more about FNU, request additional information online here. For a full list of academic programs, view our online catalog here and contact one of our admission representatives today.