National Camera Day


There are 1,500 national days per each 365-day year. Of course, 4th of July’s Independence Day holiday is the big one that we are celebrating with barbeque parties, fireworks, and city parades the middle of the hot summer days. Children are out of school, and many people rush to take summer vacations full of family fun staff. The Miami summer days are long and various from hot humid sunny days in nineties to tropical summer rains.

Just before the 4th of July, the National Camera Day is observed each year on June 29th. The origin of this day established to commemorate photography, the camera, and their invention. This day became a celebration and a learning experience of a gadget and skill to record all our memories of events, people and places. George Eastman, known as “The Father of Photography,” brought the camera to the masses. Over the years, both photography as a trade and cameras as products evolved rapidly. Leica, Kodak, Nikon, Canon; tourists with cameras over the neck; from black-and-white photography to color and digital photography, from large and balky cameras to smaller, lighter, and sharper images. Today, mobile phone revolution made possible that every individual phone has a camera. Men and women of all ages like to take pictures for personal and professional use. Taking selfies became people’s one of the most admired hobbies.

Thanks to cameras, we can capture the first dance at a wedding or a baby’s first year, or a graduation day in the full academic regalia for long-time memories. By the way, not everybody knows that FNU Library besides the books on recreational photography, stores a photo archive of photo records from past graduations and other events acquired at Florida National University.

To celebrate National Camera Day, snap a picture of something or someone you enjoy and cherish of the significant moment for years to come. Post photos on social media using #NationalCameraDay. Remember, the holiday of 4th of July is coming soon, and we will stick to the cameras with big smiles. If you really had a good time, share your pictures with Student Services or the FNU Student Government Association (SGA.)

Ida Tomshinsky, MLS
FNU Library Director
305-821-3333, ext. 1161