The Best Networking Systems Administration Degree in South Florida [Video]

No matter what industry you choose to work in, there’s one profession that almost every business heavily relies on, yet can stand on its own—one that will most definitely open more doors to professional opportunities no matter where you live, and that is a Networking Systems Administrator.

The Need for a Networking Systems Administrator

There always needs to be someone who knows how to install and configure software into supporting networks. While a computer developer can build a system and an Information Technology (IT) consultant instructs and guides users to navigate the system easier, the Networking Systems Administrator will have a better understanding of how all of these different software applications can connect with one another. The talent of a Networking System Administrator is needed most when a company is looking to upgrade their existing software management system, build one from scratch, or maintain the one they already have.

The Best University to Consider

The regionally accredited Associate of Science Networking Systems Administrator program offered by Florida National University (FNU) strategically prepares students to take certification tests for Cisco, A+, Visual Basic, C++, and Microsoft. With these certifications, you’ll be able to apply for jobs in almost any industry.

It’s evident that technology is the driving force for most business operations. Proper software certifications will provide opportunities to work in multiple industries like offices, schools, hospitals, industrial manufacturing and more!

You can go to a technical school and learn the basics to help you get certified. But at FNU, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and understanding it takes to become more than just certified. It’s also our duty to see that you receive a quality education. After enrolling in FNU’s Networking Systems Administrator program, you will come away as a University graduate.

What an FNU Networking Systems Administrator Degree Offers

An FNU Networking Systems Administrator graduate will acquire the knowledge of properly designing, supporting, and maintaining a computer network. This includes being taught the fundamentals of computer connectivity and being equipped with the basic networking understanding of routing protocols and concepts as well as JAVA programing, LAN, WAN, and wireless connectivity.

FNU combines the technological lesson plans that will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to get certified while earning your associates degree. Our program combines the benefits of a vocational and traditional university giving you a quality education that can be used in any industry for years to come.

After graduating with your associate’s degree in this program, you will be fully capable of managing and maintaining an entire network of hardware and software. However, it’s not just enough to know how everything works. One needs to have actual experience installing Internet systems and configuring local and wide area networks.

More About FNU’s Networking Systems Administrator Degree

Students enrolled in this degree program will undergo a rigorous string of 29 credit hours of core courses that will allow them to get hands-on experience in computer repair for hardware and software applications. The core courses are designed to prepare enrollees for a Microsoft Associate certification, Cisco Associate, and Networking Technician certification.

About the Elective Courses

The program also gives students the opportunity to take 12 elective credit hours. While this can be in any subject you want, the administrators at FNU encourage you to get the most out of your education if you’re interested in becoming a Networking Systems Administrator.

Taking more classes that relate to the industry will make you a stronger job-seeking candidate. You’ll have more knowledge, understanding, and talent than the classmate who decides to do the minimum credit requirements to achieve this college degree. While it is certainly your prerogative to fulfill your elective hours any way you wish, the FNU administration strongly encourages students in this program to seriously consider the following courses:

  • Visual Basic Programming I
  • Network Security
  • Database Management Systems (Access)
  • Operating Systems (LINUX)

What’s Expected of a Networking Systems Administrator?

It is the responsibility of the Networking Systems Administrator to know how the entire string of networking systems operates. That includes having a thorough understanding of how the hardware and software works in terms of data recovery and back up—one of the most important protocols for any line of business.

Professionals in any industry look to the Networking Systems Administrators to know everything there is about computers—both software and hardware. They rely on the knowledge and expertise of a Networking Systems Administrator to manage the technical end of their business and occasionally update them on operations. Equipping yourself with every type of IT course possible will make you a valuable employee that employers will be willing to invest in when it comes to pay and compensation. Also, valuable employees tend to reap the benefits of a secure job!

Finish in Two Years with Financial Assistance!

This associate’s degree program typically takes two years to complete for full-time students. Financial aid assistance is available for those who might require a little help paying for their education and qualify. Our financial aid office will assist you with completing the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid where you may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and loan depending on your household income.

The Future for Networking Systems Administrators

The job outlook for Networking Systems Administrators is promising. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% growth in this job by 2024.

Apply Now!

Start learning everything you need to know about the IT industry and enroll in FNU’s Associates of Science Networking Systems Administrator program today. You can even complete some of your courses online. Contact an FNU at any of our campus locations in the South Florida area today.