Welcome To A New And Exciting Year At FNU!

There are plenty of new and exciting things happening at FNU. To start, FNU has officially been approved to offer graduate level programs such as the launch of our MBA program scheduled to commence in April 2012. We are becoming Florida National University! We encourage all FNU graduates to inquire about the MBA program.

FNU also has a new director of Student Services. Makeda Meeks is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy with an emphasis in Student Affairs. She is known for her deep love of campus involvement and served on multiple campus counsels. FNU encourages all of our students to visit the office of student services and take advantage of the services provided.

In education news, there is a movement to allow parents to decide the employment of teachers. Can you imagine your next door neighbor having the ability to fire a teacher? Should parents have that responsibility? Isn’t that the job of school administrators? Make sure to watch the Superbowl this Sunday!


For more information about our MBA program, please contact Dean, Olga Rodriguez at 305 821 3333 x. 1044.

To contact Student Services, you may call 305 821 3333 x. 1004.