Online Health Services Administration (HSA) Master’s Program in South Florida

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South Florida is one of the areas in the United States with a growing population whether it’s from people migrating to the area to enjoy the tropical weather, or international students coming into the states to get an education, one thing is certain, the South Florida region—Miami in particular, is one of the most populated cities in the state.

With an increase in area population, commerce is soon to follow. Healthcare is among one of the most on demand services in any community.

Understanding the Business of Healthcare

It’s important to know that if you’re thinking about getting a master’s degree in Health Services Administration, it’s wise to realize that the healthcare industry is more than preventive care, maintaining health, and getting people well. It’s also a business. Without the proper fundamentals set in place, proper healthcare treatment cannot exist.

There need to be professionals who understand how the healthcare industry works and manage it like a business. This may be difficult for some people to do because when it comes to operating a business, tough decisions need to be made. These types of decisions will affect how certain processes are directed.

Having the Right Skillset to Be a Healthcare Administrator

Being a healthcare administrator is nothing to take lightly. While there are many people with a master’s degree in business administration who may be qualified to hold such a position, someone with a master’s degree in Health Services Administration will be a more viable candidate for such a position.

Learning More About the Healthcare Degree

The Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration (HSA) at Florida National University (FNU) has a curriculum that requires you to have an extensive knowledge in the healthcare field. These high-level courses involve not only understanding finance, but also how it works in regards to the structural and know-how of health care practices.

Healthcare Administration, What You Need to Know

You’ll need to understand the science of healthcare laws and legislation and how the human resource department is handled. Also, one of the most important tools an aspiring healthcare administrator needs to learn is health information systems and how to manage electronic health records.

Getting Your Master’s Degree Online

A great plus in enrolling in FNU’s HSA master’s degree program is that you’ll have the option to earn this degree 100% online.

There are some universities that will only allow you to complete a certain percentage of your master’s degree online. The rest of the credit hours would need to be completed on campus. With FNU, even your capstone project can be completed off campus. You’ll need to consult with your advisor to discuss the best way to go about fulfilling those credit hours, but the end result is that it’s possible to earn a master’s degree fully online.

The Importance of Enrolling in an Accredited University

While this might not seem like news to most people, it’s important to understand that not all online master degree programs are alike. Accreditation plays an important role in determining the eligibility of a higher educational institution. That is not to say non-accredited colleges are no good. On the contrary, there have been some successful professionals who have graduated from non-accredited universities.

That said, should you choose to enroll into a non-accredited university, you’re not really guaranteed to get the best kind of education possible. Accredited colleges and universities are held to a standard, meaning their curriculum must offer a certain amount of coursework that’s well thought out, giving you the best knowledge and training in the field of healthcare.

When a university has an approved accreditation. That means a couple of things:

  1. The school is recognized by the United States Department of Education.
  2. The college has the approval of members that are part of other accredited institutions in the surrounding region.

FNU is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Its mission is to promote integrity, accountability, continuous quality improvement, and most importantly, student learning. To learn more about SACSCOC, visit its official website here. If you would like to learn about other accreditations the university has to offer, click here.

To get a full view of the course curriculum, visit FNU’s official website here.

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