How You Can Make a Positive Difference on World Refugee Day

Syrian refugees in front of Budapest Keleti raiway station

Many people may not even be aware that World Refugee Day exists, much less understand what it means and how it came to be.

On December 4, 2000, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly report embraced the resolution 55/76 that highlighted the importance of caring and aiding refugees. It declared that June 20 would be reserved as World Refugee Day. The resolution states 8 key points that reflect the UN’s stand on such matters, explaining why they chose to recognize this day.

The document reiterates that as a United Nation, it will commend, pay tribute, reaffirm its support, and continue to recognize those who are working toward the efforts of their mission by noting the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention for the Status of Refugees while also noting African unity, declaring that Africa Refugee Day will share this same date of recognition.

“Refugees are people like anyone else, like you and me. They led ordinary lives before becoming displaced, and their biggest dream is to be able to live normally again. On this World Refugee Day, let us recall our common humanity, celebrate tolerance and diversity and open our hearts to refugees everywhere.” Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

According to the 55/76 Resolution, the 8 Key Points are as follows:

  1. The General Assembly “Commends the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for its leadership and coordination of international action for refugees”. It also recognizes the work of the Office of the High Commissioner’s dedication to administer international protection and assisting refugees toward solutions to making their lives better.
  1. This resolution also pays tribute to those who have dedicated themselves to United Nations’ mission to get involved in the betterment of peace and security, human rights, equality, governance, food productions, health emergencies, and more. These people who get recognized have risked their lives to perform such humanitarian duties.
  1. The third point reaffirms its support toward any activities that support these efforts stated above to anyone or organization that is “in accordance with the relevant General Assembly resolutions, on behalf of returnees, stateless persons and internally displaced persons.” The UN will do their best to recognize these people.
  1. The resolution also notes the importance of the roles of partnership that all governments have within their own countries and with one another. This in turn, means that the UN recognizes all of the crucial roles of governing that binds nations together. These entities include non-governmental organizations, regional, and of course international.
  1. The 55/76 resolution also recognizes that the Office of the High Commissioner aids in advocating the overall purpose and principles of the UN that associate with human rights, peace, and the development towards promoting it.
  1. The 6th note recognizes the main purpose of the resolution in the year that the document was drafted—that 2001 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention that is also related to the Status of Refugees that entails fundamental ideals for refugee protection across the world.
  1. The 7th point in the resolution notes that the Organization of African Unity will also be recognized on June 20.
  1. Based on points 1 – 7, the UN officially declares that June 20 will be recognized as World Refugee Day.

What You Can Do to Celebrate World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is celebrated with the UN and several civic groups and organizations gathering together to raise awareness to reportedly millions of refugees all over the world who have been forced to leave their homes due to the account of war, or some type of civil or governmental conflict.

If you want to recognize World Refugee Day, it doesn’t take fireworks or anything spectacular. You don’t have to be an international traveler or go beyond the state boundaries to observe this day either. In fact, you don’t even have to wait until June 20!

World Refugee Day is about equality. No matter where we live across the globe, no matter what our cultural practices and traditions are, mankind has the responsibility to sustain our livelihood. Raising awareness for refugees can reflect this, whether it’s done publicly or privately in everyday acts of kindness.

Raising Your Awareness

Florida National University (FNU) encourages you to make a positive difference in the world, not just on World Refugee Day, but everyday. This can be done by just a simple click of your computer button or smartphone. By sharing information about World Refugee Day, what it is, and how you can participate in supporting its efforts, you have already made a difference simply by informing those who might not have been aware that World Refugee Day exists and that they can do something about it.

Information is key, and educating those about social issues is even more powerful.

How FNU Participates in World Refugee Day

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