Considering Pre-Med? Get a BS in Natural Sciences from FNU

diplomaAre you aspiring to become a world-class physician one day, but still unsure about how to take the first step? Many prospective pre-med students often feel intimidated about what’s waiting for them at the finish line¾or for that matter, what’s at the start line.

That’s when a million questions start rolling through a student’s mind, sometimes turning what should be an enjoyable start to a lifelong journey into the need for a stress ball.

The good news is that Florida National University’s (FNU) Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences program is designed to help put students’ passion and aspirations at the forefront of their career path. So, instead of worrying about selecting the ideal courses to be taken before medical school, this program lays the foundation for students.

The following reasons explain why getting into the natural sciences will have you on the right track to care for others’ wellbeing—regardless of whether or not you already have your future medical specialty picked out.

Guess What? Pre-Med Isn’t Actually a Degree

Although many students generally believe that pre-med is an actual degree, this is actually a myth. Pre-med is simply the term used for a general category of the various programs that prepare students for medical school.

Among these programs, the natural sciences program is one of the most comprehensive suites used to get students a step further to becoming efficient medical practitioners.

The Natural Sciences are a Core of Medicine

The skills that students acquire in studying the natural sciences prepare them for the modern world. Since the purpose of science is to understand the natural world and explain it, it’s a crucial part of producing knowledge about the world and explaining how the mechanisms that regulate nature are interrelated.

Ideas and explanations that are not supported by proof are namely disregarded and enhanced by the natural sciences. So, students that study this particular subject are not only able to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, they also differentiate the right scientific observations from those that aren’t supported by scientific facts.

Once individuals are “scientifically literate,” they can appropriately propose and discuss scientific explanations¾a crucial tool for making it in the medical field.

Be Ahead of the Game

Practically all careers involve the competitive factor, and medical school is certainly not an exception to this by any means. Being equipped with the right tools for taking on any career path challenge is a must for driven students.

The natural sciences program assists students in standing out of the crowd by offering them the chance to:

  • Effectively practice laboratory tasks by performing experiments that require specific techniques and safety measures;
  • Analyze different variables with deep knowledge of medical terminology to start reading, writing, and communicating like a medical professional, and,
  • Become well versed in numerous health-related categories, while using specific technology to demonstrate critical thinking and reading abilities

The aforementioned are all valid necessities for making it in the health field, but FNU’s students generally gain more than just accomplishing the above.

Students are encouraged and allowed the opportunity to equally take part in class discussions and they can also visit their professors after class for any guidance.

Medical schools don’t just look for good grades. Students must be willing and able to show other efforts in taking initiatives. FNU’s program is an excellent place to do just that by providing an atmosphere to network and make connections with numerous individuals.

It’s never too early to start building a network of contacts that can help open more doors for pre-med students. The pre-med years are actually an excellent time to increase one’s connections, whether it’s with medical practitioners, fellow students, professors, or anyone else who happens to cross their route.

FNU’s BS in Natural Sciences Program Details

The natural sciences program may not be solely specific to students pursuing the pre-medical field, but it provides the basic background and necessary information pertaining to biology and chemistry¾both necessary for getting into medical school.

The program consists of the following general education requirements:

  1. Communications (9 credits)

Specifically, the following are required:

  • ENC 1101 English Composition I
  • ENC 1102 English Composition II
  1. Humanities (6 credits)
  2. Behavioral/Social Science (6 credits)
  3. Natural Science (7 credits)
  4. Mathematics (7 credits)

Specifically, the following are required:

  • MAC 1105 College Algebra I
  • STA 2014 Introduction to Statistics
  1. Computers (4 credits)

In addition to the completion of those 39 credits, 60 credits of core requirements are also necessary. Those include:

  1. Lower Level Courses (26 credits)
  2. Upper Level Courses (37 credits)

Finally, students must complete 18 credits of electives.

If a student is planning on concentrating on education, a minimum of 18 elective credits must be completed from the following courses:

  • EDF 1005 Introduction to Education
  • EDF 2085 Teaching Diverse Population
  • EDF 1030 Classroom Management
  • CGS 1013 Technology in Education
  • EEX 2010 Introduction to Exceptional
  • TSL 3080 Foundation of Teaching ESOL in Schools
  • RED 3393 Content Reading Instruction
  • EDF 3034 Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Why FNU is the Optimal Choice

FNU is a regionally accredited institution with a faculty of leading professionals in their respective fields. Students can study more effectively with professors who are actively involved in their field. The smaller classrooms allow for more intensive study sessions and for the realization of students’ personal goals, by using advanced technology and educational support.

FNU is an appealing destination to applicants from around the globe, as it’s located in Miami, Florida. Students can enjoy the dynamic activities available in the “Sunshine State,” while obtaining their degree.

Prospective students also have the option to obtain the B.S. in Natural Sciences fully online, too¾so no matter where you are, you can still get the quality education offered by the university.

Get Started!

Taking a leap into deciding your future may seem far from being a simple decision, but with FNU, it’s a lot easier than you think. To begin the process of getting steps closer to realizing your dreams, apply to FNU today!