Pros & Cons of Getting a College Degree Online

Pros & Cons of Getting a College Degree Online. Contact FNU for more information!

The Pros…


Schedule your own hours

When you enroll in an online college course, you gain the flexibility of scheduling your classroom hours at a time that’s most convenient for you. This is beneficial for non-traditional students who might be working a full or part-time job, or perhaps have responsibilities that require them to tend to a loved one.

An online education provides students with the flexibility to set their own classroom hours. If you’re not much of a morning person, you can schedule class time in the afternoon or evening. For students who have a hectic day schedule, you’ll have the option of taking courses during third shift hours. The choice is entirely up to you to manage your academic schedule.

Take class anywhere you want

Another benefit to taking online college courses is having the choice to study anywhere you want. This can be quite beneficial to students who are working while taking college courses.

If you have a laptop, you have a mobile classroom. The classroom can be anywhere you want it to be. It can be in the break room during lunch. It can be at the local coffee shop around the corner, and these days, shops don’t necessarily need to have free Wi-Fi. Many mobile devices have a hot spot functionality that provides a private and secure Wi-Fi hub. That means that students aren’t confined to an establishment for its Wi-Fi.

Anywhere a laptop and mobile device can go, so can the classroom such as a park, ocean-side bistro, by the poolside or even from the comfort of your own sofa.

Improved Computer Literacy

Taking online college courses will help you become more familiar with computers, online platforms, and course tools. By navigating FNU’s online software, you’ll also get a better understanding of how to operate other software applications that share similar functionalities. As a professional in almost any field, it is imperative that you have computer-related skills. Taking online college courses will certainly help you achieve that goal.

Eliminate commuting and gain more time

The time that students would normally spend on commuting to and from campus can be dedicated toward more in-depth studying. Students may also be able to use this time to complete another assignment, making them one step closer to completing the coursework and to earning a college degree. Online learning is also referred to as Distance Learning and that’s no coincidence.


The Cons…

Not every degree program can be completed online

There is a limit to what kind of degree students can earn online. Some degree programs cannot be earned 100% online. Depending on the profession, hands-on training is required. Degree programs like Physical Therapist Assistant and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Technology require students to work with equipment and people.

You will have to work independently

When you make the choice to take online college courses, you forfeit classroom time. This means that you won’t have the physical camaraderie of conversing with classmates and asking them for help or sharing lecture notes. You won’t have the luxury of getting face-to-face time with your professor either. However, since you’re online, you will have the advantage of emailing your instructor with any questions you might have or attending virtual tutoring sessions and discussions.

You’re separated from the campus culture

With online classes, you separate yourself from campus activities. As an FNU student, you will have full access to all of our technology and resources. However, with online studying, many students prefer to stay at home and are rarely on campus, or they’re too busy balancing the responsibilities of academic work and a job.

Communication can be difficult

You’re also limited in how you practice communication skills. Communication is much more than just sending emails and text. You need to be able to verbally convey a message to people in a way that is understandable. Body language also plays a role in this. In fact, the term Soft Skills has become quite the communication tool to have in your arsenal. To learn more about Soft Skills, read “The Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace” here.

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