Graduation Requirements (A Minimum of 78 Credits)

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program will provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform as a competent, safe, and ethical PTA. The students will learn and apply techniques that will improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities to patients in clinical settings. Graduates from this program will be eligible to take their national licensure exam. FNU grants an Associate of Science upon completion.

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Graduation Requirements (78 Credits)

General Education (6)
Credit Hours
  • ENC 1101
    English Composition I **
  • SPC 1017
    Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Humanities (3)
Credit Hours
  • PHI 1635
    Biomedical Ethics
Behavioral / Social Science (3)
Credit Hours
  • PSY 1012
    General Psychology
  • DEP 2004
    Human Growth and Development
Mathematics (3)
Credit Hours
  • MAC 1105
    College Algebra I **
Computers (4)
Credit Hours
  • CGS 1030
    Introduction to Information Technology
  • SLS 1501
    College Study Skills
Natural Sciences (14)
Credit Hours
  • BSC 1085 C
    Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BSC 1086 C
    Anatomy and Physiology II
  • HSC 1531 C
    Medical Terminology
  • PHY 1007 C
    Physics for Allied Health Professions
Core Requirements (45)
Credit Hours
  • PHT 1001
    Introduction to Physical Therapy ***
  • PHT 1020
    Therapeutic Communication for PTA
  • PHT 1102 C
    Applied Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology
  • PHT 1131 C
    Assessment, Measurement and Documentation
  • PHT 1200 C
    Basic Patient Care
  • PHT 1210 C
    Therapeutic Modalities and Physical Agents
  • PHT 1300
    Pathology for the PTA
  • PHT 1231L
    Therapeutic Excercise
  • PHT 2255 C
    Neuromuscular Conditions and
  • PHT 2256 C
    Orthopedic Conditions and Rehabilitation
  • PHT 2287 C
    Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy and Other Systems
  • PHT 2501 C
    Promotion of Health and Wellness
  • PHT 1801L C
    Clinical Practicum I
  • PHT 2810L
    Clinical Practicum II
  • PHT 2820L
    Clinical Practicum III
  • PHT 2931
    Trends in Physical Therapy

This program is not designed for transfer to a senior institution. PTA students are required to wear Green FNU Polo shirt, khaki pants and sneakers at all times. Students must furnish their own uniforms.

All students must have liability insurance in order to participate in the clinical rotations.

All students must provide BLS, OSHA, HIV, and HIPPA seminar completion forms in order to participate in the clinical practicums.

All students must undergo level 2 federal background check in order to participate in the clinical practicums.

Students must complete 630 hours of clinical practice.

*General Education Component

**This course has prerequisites; check course descriptions.

***Mandatory course for entering the core courses Program requirements are found below.

Program requirements are found below.

Program Accreditation Status Statement

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Florida National University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245;


A prospective student must meet all admission requirements predetermined by Florida National University. In addition, the requirements for admission to the PTA Program are as follows:

1. Complete Florida National University’s Admission Application (please refer to the FNU University Catalog) and return to Admissions Representative.

2. Students must score 19 or greater on the ACT, 880 or greater on the SAT or be placed no lower than ENC 1101 and/or MAC 1105 on the College Success exam.

3. All applicants must request official academic transcripts from high school and/or all colleges previously attended and have them sent to the Campus Registrar.

4. Have at minimum an overall 3.0 GPA in all prerequisite courses. 1. Including no less than a “B” in all science and math courses and PHT 1001 – Introduction to Physical Therapy.

5. Attend a PTA Program Information Session

6. Complete a Level 2 Federal and AHCA Background Check at FNU

7. Complete PTA program application:

8. Present documentation of 25 hours of observation of a physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant in a clinic, facility or hospital using form provided in application packet.

9. Submit the score obtained on the HESI Admission Assessment to the PTA Department. 1. The applicant must be placed in the 70th percentile or above on all sections to be considered for the program. 2. The applicant must be placed in the 75th percentile or above in the Reading Comprehension section

10. Provide two official and unopened letters of reference provided in application packet. 1. One reference speaking to academic abilities (College Professors)  2. One reference speaking to work ethic (employer)

11. Submit admissions essay provided in application packet.

12. Submit signed technical standards form.

13. Complete an Interview with the PTA Program Faculty

Due to the rigorous nature of the program, it is strongly recommended that applicants plan ahead financially for their 12 months in the program. The student is responsible for all transportation necessary for travel to and from the hospitals/clinics/facilities for clinical experiences. Attendance at all scheduled classes, laboratories and clinical practicums are enforced; each one of those meetings is an essential component to the applicant’s successful progress in the program. Working while in the program is not recommended. This is a full-time daytime curriculum which requires student’s time and concentration. Even the exceptional student will find it difficult to work and still maintain a high quality of academic work. Program and clinical assignments will not be altered to fit an individual’s work schedule.

All applicants admitted into the PTA program will be required to complete a physical examination and provide a complete immunization record. In addition, a complete local and level 2 federal and AHCA background screening will be required in conjunction with clinical facility required drug testing. Positive results on the background screening or drug testing could impact a student’s chances of attending their clinical rotations, completing the program requirements, or gaining a license to work upon graduation. The cost of required physical examinations, immunizations, background checks and drug testing will be borne by the student. Students accepted into the program will be provided with specific details regarding all required documentation for the PTA Program at the PTA Orientation


Note: Some of the documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print PDF files.
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