Graduation Requirements (A Minimum of 120 Credits)

The purpose of this Business Administration degree program is to contribute to the education of its students with a general knowledge of business and the skills necessary for employment to be effective leaders in today’s business world. The program also provides a foundation for successful admission into graduate programs. Florida National University awards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration upon completion of the program.

Business Administration Program Requirements (120 Credits)

General Education (39 Credits)

  • Student Life Skills (1 Credit)
  • English and Communications (9 Credits)
  • Humanities (6 Credits)
  • Social Science (6 Credits)
  • Natural Science (7 Credits)
  • Mathematics (7 Credits)
  • Information Literacy (3 Credits)

Core Requirements

  • Lower Division Accounting Courses (25 Credits)
  • Upper Division Accounting Courses (27 Credits)
  • Electives (29 Credits)

Business Administration Concentrations

  • Sports Management (18 Credits Minimum)
  • Accounting (20 Credits)
  • Finance (19 Credits)
  • General Management (19 Credits)
  • Marketing (18 Credits)

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