Graduation Requirements (A Minimum of 120 Credits)

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (CJBS) Degree Program is to expand students’ critical and analytical thinking skills, advance students’ ability to communicate complex data, both verbally and written, and prepare students for higher-level positions within the criminal justice sector, or gain admission to graduate-level programs.

Criminal Justice Program Requirements (120 Credits)

General Education (39 Credits)

  • Student Life Skills (1 Credit)
  • English and Communications (9 Credits)
  • Humanities (6 Credits)
  • Social Science (6 Credits)
  • Natural Science (7 Credits)
  • Mathematics (7 Credits)
  • Information Literacy (3 Credits)

Core Requirements

  • Lower Division Criminal Justice Courses (18 Credits)
  • Lower Division Electives (9 Credits)
  • Upper Division Criminal Justice Courses (30 Credits)
  • Upper Division Electives (24 Credits)

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