Graduation Requirements (A Minimum of 120 Credits)

The purpose of this program is to prepare the students to become professional nurses able to function in a variety of roles. The students will be prepared in the areas of health assessment, nursing theories and concepts, research, leadership, informatics and health promotion across various healthcare settings. The graduates will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to safely practice patient care and pass the NCLEX exam. FNU awards a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Admission Requirements

A prospective student must meet all admission requirements for admission to Florida National University. In addition, the requirements for admission to the BSN Program are as follows:

  1. Students must pass the designated entrance exam with an 66% combined score. FNU utilizes the TEAS, which consists of four components, a) Reading, b) Mathematics, c) Science, and d) English Language usage. There are 170 questions and students are provided 209 minutes to complete the exam. The exam is proctored and must be taken in person at the Hialeah Campus or South Campus locations.
  2. Students must achieve a combined score of 66% to successfully meet the BSN Program admission requirement.
  3. Students who are unsuccessful on their first attempt may retake the exam after 30 days. No student is permitted a third attempt at passing the TEAS.
  4. Students will pay the fee directly to the Bursar’s Office before sitting for the exam. Students can also register for the TEAS at, for an additional fee. Present your paid receipt at the FNU Hialeah Campus or South Campus testing center, on the day of your exam.
  5. It is recommended that students consider a TEAS Prep Course if they feel that they are not prepared to successfully pass the exam. Most TEAS Prep courses take about 6 weeks of preparation before taking the TEAS.
  6. Provide two letters of reference (references may only come from academic and professional sources).
  7. Complete an essay – Minimum 500 words about why you are choosing to pursue a Nursing career. The essay should focus on your strengths and weaknesses, personal attributes, and life experiences that you feel will help you succeed in nursing school. The essay must the original work of the prospective student. Turnitin or SafeAssign plagiarism and AI checker will be used on each essay.  The essay will be graded on a standardized rubric.
  8. Complete an Entrance Interview with the Director of Nursing, or designee.
  9. Complete all required General Education courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  10. All applicants admitted into the BSN program may be required to complete a physical examination and provide a complete immunization record. In addition, a complete local, level 2 federal, and AHCA background screening will be required in conjunction with clinical facility-required drug testing. Positive results on the background screening or drug testing could impact a student’s chances of attending their clinical experiences, completing the program requirements, or gaining a license to work upon graduation. The cost of required physical examinations, immunizations, background checks, and drug testing will be borne by the student. Students accepted into the program will be provided with specific details regarding all required documentation for the BSN Program.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Mission

The mission of the program is “to prepare the graduates to become licensed registered nurses and to provide safe and compassionate nursing care. The program will enable graduates to obtain entry level positions and to be qualified to provide direct care to individuals and families in a variety of care settings.”

The mission of Florida National University ties in with its philosophy that devotes itself to the cause of education by:

  • Preparing individuals for personal and professional success
  • Incorporating many diverse elements into the occupational and professional opportunities which this community offers
  • Providing programs leading to degrees and to developing professional attitudes, values, and skills that will enhance their potential for success in their careers and in life.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Philosophy

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing subscribes to the philosophy statement of Florida National University. The Nursing faculty has developed and adheres to the following beliefs:

  • We believe that the students’ success in nursing derives from knowledge of nursing principles, development of skills and competence, and high standards of professionalism expressed through appearance, attitude, and demeanor in all aspects of practice.
  • We believe that safe nursing care derives from critical thinking skills, good judgment applied to knowledge and clinical expertise.
  • We believe that the Bachelor of Science in Nursing continues the high standards of integrity and ethics for students, professors, administrators and staff set by the institution for all of its programs.
  • We believe that every student is unique and deserves the individual support and guidance necessary to be successful.
  • We believe that the registered nurse functions as an important part of the health care team within the limits of the scope of practice of the profession. We believe that an understanding of the dependent role of the registered nurse and the scope of practice is a key element of the success of the nursing graduate.