Intermediate Level
This program is designed for students who have achieved basic functional skills in ESL and have language as well as individual goals. The program provides training in the following language areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The courses offered in this program have no assigned sequence; therefore, they can be taken in any order. Prerequisite: ESL 004 or have scored beyond the Level 004 in the placement test.


Required Courses
Credit Hours
  • ESL 005
    English Structural Patterns – Part I
  • ESL 008
    Reading and Writing about Relevant Everyday Topics I
  • ESL 009
    Listening and Discussion for Advanced Students
  • ESL 011
    Composition for Social Use
  • ESL 014
    Authentic English in Context for Conversation
  • ESL 015
    Conversation for Everyday Living

1.The ESL student is assigned into a program on the basis of a placement test.

At the completion of an eight month program the student will be awarded a certificate of proficiency according to
the level achieved, Basic, Intermediate, or High Intermediate.

2.Students who complete the Intermediate Level may be encouraged to take a diagnostic test for entry into a
career program.

3. If you are going to apply for Title IV, please be advised that FNU may only admit students
who need instruction in English to be able to use the knowledge, training, or skills they already have.

4. Upon completion of an Intermediate or High Intermediate program, graduates not able to find
employment and/or increase present work status, will be allowed to enroll in a career program after a
standard period of non-attendance.

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