How to Get a Psychology Degree Online

The world of higher education is not impervious to socioeconomic trends. At North American colleges and universities, for example, psychology degrees became prominent in the late 1970s. Professors could thank widespread interest in the self-help movement.

The work of renowned astronomer Carl Sagan, author of the acclaimed Cosmos: A Personal Voyage television series, also boosted the popularity of psychology among college students. He was a firm believer in the study of human behavior. By studying actions, the data and results can be applied to just about any setting.

By the end of the 20th century, the allure of psychology degrees diminished with changing science trends. People developed a newfound interest in computer science and information technology degrees. CEO World magazine reported in early 2019 that this field of study, however, has once again become popular thanks to professional demand.

Benefits of General Psychology

In late 2017, a report published by the American Psychological Association cited job outlook figures compiled by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics with regard to this occupational field. It helps to understand why psychology degree programs are once again on the radar of many college students. The BLS estimates that demand for psychology professionals from now until the year 2024 will increase by nearly 20 percent.

This field is one of the fastest-growing across the U.S. We can chart the trend when taking into consideration that median growth for all jobs is only 7 percent. Interestingly, this demand is higher than for psychiatrists and social workers. The major factor is the diversity of career options that psychology majors enjoy.

The aforementioned APA report specifically mentions the demand for industrial and organizational psychologists. These are professionals whose expertise can help technology giants understand how their research and development efforts fit into modern society.

Think about the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, for example. When developing AI, a solid understanding of human behavior and attitudes towards technology is crucial for practical applications. Other economic sectors where psychologists are finding employment opportunities in 2019 include:

  • Marketing
  • Law enforcement
  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Corrections
  • Business administration
  • Government contracting
  • Municipal services
  • Mediation

Consider all these potential careers. It is not surprising to learn that more American college students are interested in pursuing psychology degrees. We have yet one more reason that explains this trend: this degree program is suitable for online completion. Thus, it happens to be a popular choice among students at Florida National University.

Learning About the Mind and Human Behavior

Philosophy and psychology are quite different. Philosophy deal with the inquiry into human thought. In contrast, psychology aims to determine how the mind actually works in a social context.

Regarding academic scope, psychology is a vast field of both practice and research. You cannot go wrong when choosing psychology as your college major.

You have many opportunities within the field. Are you interested in clinical practice, research or business development? Chances are that you will experience deep academic and professional satisfaction as a psychologist.

Therapy and counseling are just two of the professional fields you can explore. You can pursue other specialties to work in other sectors.

In essence, studying psychology will give an understanding of how the human mind works. Psychology also describes how the mind determines behavior in specific situations. Naturally, psychology aims to optimize thought processes and behaviors for the benefit of individuals, families, communities, and societies.

Perhaps your image of psychologists has been shaped by popular television shows. They include The Sopranos, Frasier and even Star Trek: The Next Generation. These are all examples of therapists working in individual or organizational capacities. You can do so much more; don’t forget about the forensic psychologists in television dramas such as CSI: Miami and Mindhunter.

What to Know About Online Psychology Degrees

Not all college degree programs adapt well to the full online experience. In the case of psychology, however, you can certainly earn a bachelor’s degree without having to enter the classroom. At FNU, members of our curriculum design team have put together an online program that allows you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Students need to satisfactorily complete 42 credit hours worth of general education and 33 credit hours in mental health or addiction studies concentrations.

It should be noted that the FNU psychology degree is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges. You do not have to worry about enrolling in a program that will not be recognized in professional or academic sectors.

Psychology is a discipline that places great emphasis on communications. You will be expected to complete courses on English composition, research writing, oral communications, information technology, and counseling. You will also need to understand humanity at the biological and developmental levels before getting into cognitive science, personality, gender issues, aging, behavior, sociology, ethics, human relationships, assessments, and abnormalities.

How to Get Your Online Psychology Degree With FNU

The first step in getting your online psychology degree is to contact one of our admissions counselors. Then you can learn more about FNU, our principles and our services. FNU is fully committed to serving the higher education needs of students not just in South Florida; we also welcome international students interested in the prestige of American university degrees.

We offer financial assistance to qualified applicants. Our departments have scholarships, intercollegiate athletics, support for military veterans as well as active duty and reserve members, community outreach, and vibrant student life activities.

Once you go through the FNU admissions and enrollment process, you will be able to take some time and become familiar with the online education process, which you will likely find to be very flexible. Take a look at the course catalog and the curriculum. Both will give you an idea of how fast you will be able to complete the course. Depending on your work schedule and family obligations, you may be able to get your bachelor’s in less than four years.

The bulk of your online learning activity will unfold on the Blackboard platform, which is intuitive and easy to learn. You may find that some Blackboard courses are managed in ways that are reminiscent of the classroom experience. Others will feel more streamlined.

If you enjoy research, you are already ahead of the game. How? This is a major professional requirement for psychologists. Researching behavior and the mind will be a major aspect of your online education journey.

Become A Psychology Student Today

The FNU online degree advantage is that you have more control over your work, life, and academic schedules. As with traditional college degree programs, taking the first step is entirely up to you. We recommend you step into your career sooner than later.

Get in touch with FNU today to start planning your future career as a psychology professional. Getting your degree online could be the best decision you make with regard to your career development.