The Best Psychology Degree Program in South Florida

Finding the Best Psychology Degree Program in South FloridaThere is no shortage of the amount of Psychology programs you can enroll in. Yet, what many aspiring college students tend to do is to laser-focus on the degree program instead of looking at the university as a whole—something that’s easily done when searching online.

Conducting an Cautionary Online Search for the Best Psychology Program

Thanks to the ease of online searching, aspiring students can look for the specific subject they wish to earn a college degree in, like Psychology. While this is highly beneficial, there are also some cons to enrolling in a Psychology degree program without doing your research. It’s highly recommended to look at the bigger picture because you’re not just investing in the program, but the entire university.

Be Sure the University is Accredited

For instance, it’s possible that you could enroll in a college that is not accredited. In the state of Florida, to obtain a license in Psychology requires that you earn a degree from an accredited university.

Other Things to Consider When Looking for a Psychology Degree Program

Aside from making sure that the Psychology degree program you select is offered by an accredited university, having a good understanding of what kind of university you’d be attending, such as the campus culture, location, tuition, and financial aid opportunities are all important factors to consider when selecting the college you want to earn a Psychology degree in.

Why Florida National University is the Best Choice for You

If you’re looking in the South Florida area, then you’ve at least whittled down your options, but you’ll quickly find that there are still a concentrated amount of Psychology degree programs in this area. It’s your job to determine why the one at Florida National University (FNU) is the select choice for you.

FNU Psychology Program’s Objective

Our program not only equips you to apply for entry-level positions in the field of Psychology, it also prepares you to pursue a higher degree of education should you plan to acquire a more advanced position in the field.

FNU’s Psychology Curriculum

First of all, FNU provides specialized areas of study within the Psychology profession. Because Psychology studies the human mind, the curriculum FNU provides must be diverse enough to focus on different areas of behavior. With FNU’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of understanding Psychology as it relates to ethics, the scientific method, research, communication, and relational behavior.

Psychology is Applicable to All Occupations!

The study of the human mind is a subject that stretches over occupational boundaries that is applicable to any profession. We’ve designed our Be Sure the University is Accreditedcurriculum in a way that reflects this.

Psychology involves communication—whether you’re working remotely online or in a traditional office setting. Learning how to work well with others by building a trusting professional relationship requires one to apply basic Psychology fundamentals into the workplace. This is why we’ve incorporated key core requirements. Here are a few of them:

  • Psychology of Personality, a course that studies the human personality and its variations among different people.
  • Social Psychology, a branch within the field that concentrates on social interactions that includes, but not limited to people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Behavior Modification, a study of the methodological behavior that can change a person’s social interactions based on the behaviors of surrounding individuals and/or their environment.
  • Cross-cultural Issues in Psychology, a subject that is quite similar to Behavior Modification, but also focuses on the mental behavior and the variable differences under various cultural conditions.

Two Concentration

FNU’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program offers two different concentrations: Addiction Studies and Mental Health. For students who are interested in majoring in another subject, but would like to supplement their academic degree with Psychology courses, these two concentrations can also be taken as standalone certificates. Contact an FNU advisor for more information to pursue such interests.

The Specifics of the Program

If you’re looking to earn your bachelor’s degree in the field of Psychology, then you can expect to commit a minimum amount of 120 credit hours. The electives and concentration requirements are 33 credit hours each. The estimated amount of time it takes to complete the bachelor program is approximately 60 months.

Earn Your Degree Program Online

Another reason why FNU’s Psychology degree program is one of the best in the South Florida area is because we provide you with the flexibility to complete your degree online or in a traditional classroom setting located at any of our two campuses in Miami or Hialeah. We also have an additional Online Training Center that is structured for such purposes.

FNU Provides Financial Aid Assistance

Our administration team will do everything we can to help you afford a quality education. Our university has a financial aid center that is dedicated to helping students earn their education. Here you’ll get assistance in applying for federal aid as well as other scholarships that might be applicable to your specific area of interest.

FNU Helps Students Succeed!

Students graduate with an FNU’s Psychology degree can go on to earn respectable jobs in this field. With this degree, you can pursue the career of a professor, social worker, Sociologist, school counselor, career counselor, or substance abuse and behavior disorder counselor. A Psychology degree also gives you the opportunity to apply to both public and private companies related to government, public relations, business management, human resources, etc.

  • To view the full Psychology curriculum, visit FNU’s online page to learn more about each course, and core and elective concentrations.

Contact an FNU advisor at any of our campus locations to get the enrollment process started today!