How to Pursue a Computer Technology Degree in Miami

How to Pursue a Computer Technology Degree in MiamiToday’s ever-evolving technological advances are affecting the way businesses operate in regards to storing and exchanging information. One of the most cost-effective workflow improvements is the invention of automation. Automation allows organizations to increase their workflow, cut payroll cost, and increase efficiency. This type of technology is evident in our everyday lives outside of work in the way we communicate and even purchase goods. Extensive knowledge of computer technology is how we’re able to easily purchase items online and exchange such information.

The Need for Computer Software Expertise is Always Increasing

It’s safe to say that pursuing a career in this field is a smart choice—one that will always provide some type of opportunity to advance and thrive in the field. As wonderful as digital process automation software is for business, it isn’t 100% without errors, maintenance, and system updates. That is why the demand for computer technology professionals is steadily increasing. You can expect positions for Computer and Information Systems Managers skyrocket by 12% by the year 2026.

Over 80% of people are browsing the internet whether it’s through social networks or shopping. Businesses are tapping into that and are expanding their own digital footprint. By doing so, they will need to employ people who are well-versed in computer technology rhetoric and possess the experience to navigate various information systems. With such growth comes the ever-present threat of cyber-security and the responsibility to monitor and protect data from hackers that will also require more knowledgeable computer software experts.

Investing in a computer technology degree will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to start an entry-level position in this diverse field that is applicable to so many different industries.

How to Purse a Computer Technology Degree in Miami

Responsibilities of a Computer Technologist Specialist

Computer Technologist Specialists who are also called IT Managers or IT Project Managers have a wide array of tasks and responsibilities. Planning and directing the work of other IT professionals including, but not limited to software developers, support specialist, and security analysts are the main responsibilities. Overseeing the installment of new systems and ensuring that they are constantly working is all part of the job. Even with cloud-based services, there is still the need for an IT Manager to ensure that all systems are up and running.

Types of Jobs You Can Apply for with a Computer Information Technology Degree

As aforementioned, computer technology is applicable to many industries because these days, everyone is trying to increase their online visibility in one way or another. No matter what industry you prefer to work in, the following IT jobs will most likely be in demand:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Database Administrators
  • Computer Information Research Scientists
  • Systems Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Network Systems Administrators


Types of IT Degree Programs Available:


  • Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology

The Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology offered by FNU is a two-year degree program that requires a minimum of 60 credit hours to complete. A total of 41 credits is dedicated to the core requirements that will familiarize you with relevant software that businesses are using today like Word Processing, Excel, PowerPoint, Visual Basic, C++ and Adobe suite.

  • Associate of Science Networking Systems Administrator

The Associate of Science in Networking Systems Administrator is another two-year degree program that offers a minimum of 60 credits to complete in order to graduate. In the program, you will also have 41 credits to dedicate toward your core requirements. The difference here is that this curriculum includes 12 credit hours of electives.

Why FNU is the Top Academic Choice for a Computer Technology Degree

Florida National University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This accreditation gives us the license to award associate, bachelors, and masters degrees. We have two standing campus locations in the South Florida region—our main campus is in Hialeah, Florida and our second campus is in Miami. FNU also provides our students with the option to earn their degree online. That means you can earn a college degree on a schedule that’s best suitable for your lifestyle while still being able to have access to all of FNU resources. Contact an FNU advisor today to start the admissions process and we will assist you in determining the best way to apply for financial aid.

How to Purse a Computer Technology Degree in Miami