Qualities of an Accountant You May Already Have

Considering an accounting degree, but not sure if you would be a good fit? You may have the qualities of an accountant and not even know it. The following characteristics are key for scoring accounting jobs after earning an accounting degree.

Accountant. Qualities of an Accountant You May Already Have

Strong Sense of Ethics

Accountants must have a strong sense of right and wrong, and put that into practice during their everyday work. This type of integrity is crucial in the field.

Passion for Learning

Like many fields, accounting is constantly evolving. Someone considering an accounting degree must have a passion for life-long learning in order to keep up with the latest rules and regulations set by governing bodies, not to mention the latest technology used in the accounting field.

Love of Accuracy

Those considering an accounting degree must have a desire for accuracy. A misplaced comma or decimal point could be detrimental for clients and even cost an account their job. Double and triple checking work should be ingrained in the mind of an accountant.

Love of Organization

Those considering an accounting program should be highly organized. Accounting requires meticulous notes and organization of data and accounts.

Accountability at All Costs

One of the qualities of an accountant is accountability. Those in the field must demonstrate responsibility and be willing to stand by their work, no matter the results. This means standing firm in your convictions – something not everyone is willing to do.

Be a Team Player

Accounting is a team sport. Those in the field must be willing and able to work on a team and hold up their end of the work. They also need to hold the others on their team accountable for their portion of the task.

Thorough Knowledge of Accounting

It should go without saying, but accountants should have a thorough knowledge of the field in which they work. They must keep up to date with the yearly changes in the field in order to provide their clients with a worthwhile accounting experience.


Accountants must be reliable. If given a job, the expectation is to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. That expectation must be met time and time again.


Accountants have a wide range of clients, and with that wide range can come interesting situations. While it is not necessarily the first attribute you think of when envisioning an accountant, they must use creativity to navigate these special situations.

Customer Focused

At its heart, accounting is a customer service profession. Accountants must be wholly customer focused. They must be capable of providing their clients with a positive accounting experience, no matter the outcome of their financial investigations.

Accounting Programs at FNU

Accounting requires a great deal of accuracy, integrity, commitment and the willingness to put the customer first. If you have some of these characteristics, accounting may be the perfect field for you! Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information on our accounting programs.