Graduation is not automatic. To be awarded an B.S. degree, A.A. degree, A.S. degree, diploma or certificate from Florida National University the student must fulfill the following requisites:

  1. Successful completion of one of the programs of study as it appears in the FNU Catalog.
  2. Achievement of a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 (“C” average).
  3. Complete an Exit Interview with each of the following offices as scheduled by the Campus Registrar.

Clearance from each of these offices is required previous to the release of any official document by FNU. These offices and their role in the graduation procedure are shown below.

Exit Interviews of the Graduation Candidate with Campus Offices


  1. To verify that the student is completing the academic requirements of his/her program (number of credits and nature of credits; GPA; honors)
  2. To apply for Graduation status
  3. To submit request of student’s copy of transcripts
  4. To order diploma.

Financial Aid
To close financial aid folder; to receive information on rights and responsibilities relating to loans and types of repayment plans.

Default Management
To accomplish an exit interview.

To fulfill all financial obligations to FNU before graduation.

To be sure that there are no outstanding books or fines.

To update all personal information relating to placement and attend workshop.

Student Services
To receive information on graduation exercises, cap and gown, ring, pictures, guests, practice time; alumni association; to file for commencement exercises.