Respiratory Therapy Program in South Florida: Admission Requirements

Respiratory Therapy Program in South FloridaFlorida National University is known for its commitment to excellence in all of its degree programs but is particularly proud of its level of standards when it comes to Respiratory Therapy. As a regionally-accredited university serving central and south Florida, FNU is your gateway to a rewarding and exciting career as a respiratory therapist.

The general admission requirements at FNU for the RRT program are in place to ensure that only the best and brightest are allowed to continue up into the core program course and have a chance to earn their respiratory therapy degree from FNU. Let’s look at the admission requirements for the RRT program at FNU for both the associates of respiratory therapy and the Bachelors of Science in respiratory therapy. We will then look at why a degree in RRT can help you achieve a better career and the life that you deserve.

Admission Requirements

Before being granted access to courses of the respiratory therapy program, either for the associate’s degree or the bachelor’s degree there are some basic requirements that must be met. These requirements can easily be satisfied as part of your FNU coursework if they have not already been met. If you have completed this required coursework, then you may be granted admission to the respiratory therapy program after showing proficiency and proof of credits earned has been received. FNU accepts credits for the RRT and RET program from all regionally- and nationally-accredited schools.

Associate’s in Respiratory Therapy Program Admission Requirements:

Respiratory Therapy Program in South Florida: Admission Requirements

  • A High School Diploma or GED or Graduation Equivalence
    • Successful Interview with an FNU admission Representative
    • A completed and signed enrollment application
    • A signed statement that the prospective student will if granted enrollment abide by the directives of the Board of Governors
    • Prospective students must take a diagnostic and placement test
    • For RET and RT programs, prospective students must also take the TEAS as well as complete a career aptitude interview with an FNU representative. Tentative acceptance into the RT program or RET program is dependent on the outcome of this interview.
    • *if a prospective student is enrolling as a foreign student they must have a valid I-20 visa. Foreign students must also demonstrate a fluency in English by taking and successfully passing an English Entrance Exam administered at FNU.

And the following General Education Requirements must be fulfilled either as part of your program or previously at an acceptable institution:

  • English Composition I
    • Any Humanities (3 Credits)
    • Fundamentals of Oral Communication
    • College Algebra I
    • Microbiology
    • Introduction to Chemistry
    • Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory
    • College Study Skills
    • Medical Terminology
    • Any Behavioral/Social Science (3 Credits)
    • Anatomy and Physiology I
    • Anatomy and Physiology IIIn addition to these requirements if you desire to enter the Bachelors of Science Program in Reparatory Therapy you will need these additional general education requirements:
  • English Composition II
    • Any Elective Course in Communications (3 Credits)
    • Human Growth & Development
    • Natural Science (18 Credits)
    • Humanities (3 Additional Credits)
    • Ethics
    • Introduction to Statistics
    • Behavioral and/or Social Science (3 Additional Credits)
    • General Psychology

FNU College Courses Information

Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy

An Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy is the first step toward your amazing career in healthcare. This degree will open doors for you and allow you to begin working as a respiratory therapy assistant, an associate technician in a respiratory therapy department or even continue on to earn your bachelors of science in respiratory therapy.

You will be qualified to assist in an RT department at any major clinic, hospital, or medical center anywhere. The Associate of Science program in respiratory therapy offered here at FNU prepares you for your professional role by giving you the basic education needed to work well with others, as well as the specialized skills that you will need to succeed in your role as part of a respiratory therapy team.

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

With a Bachelors of Science in respiratory therapy, you will be at the leading edge of a change that is coming to the industry.

Soon the National Board for Respiratory Care, as well as the American Association for Respiratory Care, will begin the process of migrating the entry-level career position educational requirements to B.A.

The goal is to make this change by 2020. By starting now you will be ahead of the curve when the change comes and as such you will be in the best position to take advantage of new opportunities that open for which Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy holders will no longer be qualified for. If you are an AART holder currently and want to begin elevating your degree to a BA, or if you are just beginning your career path in healthcare and want to get a leg up, then the time is right to enroll in the FNU Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy program.

Your exciting career as a respiratory therapist is just around the corner. Come join us at FNU and let us help you open the door to your future. With an associates or bachelors degree in RRT, you can work in the allied healthcare industry and have job security, as well as a fulfilling purpose in life. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people while providing for your family and building the life that you deserve.

The first step is to enroll at FNU and we have made that process super simple. You can contact us via our online form, or you can speak to someone directly at (305) 821-3333.

Below are links to important parts of our website as well as additional resources and information that you will find useful as you start your journey to a better career with us. We look forward to you being a part of the Conquistador family, and to helping you open the door to a brighter future.

Respiratory Therapy Program in South Florida: Admission Requirements

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