This RN to MSN graduate program track is designed to build upon the students’ associate nursing education and professional experience into the Master degree in Nursing. The RN to MSN program prepares professional nurses with a wide range of educational experiences. There are two specialties available: Nurse Educator and Nurse Leadership/Management.


NURSING CORE COURSES (33 credits) Credit Hours
NUR 3065C
Physical Assessment in Health Care
NUR 3125 Pathophysiology 4
NUR 3165 Nursing Research 3
NUR 3655 Culture in Nursing Practice 3
NUR 3826 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice 2
NUR 4516 Crisis Intervention 3
NGR 5000 Advanced Nurse Role 3
NGR 5110 Nursing Research 3
NGR 5700 Decision Making 3
NGR 5703 Nursing Theory 3
NGR 5803 Evidence Based Nursing Practice 3
NGR 5891 Health Care Policy 3
Total Core Course Credits
Nurse Educator (18 Credits) Credit Hours
NGR 6710 Teaching and Learning Strategies (clinical/classroom) 3
NGR 6712 Introduction to Educational Concepts 3
NGR 6713 Nursing Curriculum Development 3
NGR 6715 Instructional Technology 3
NGR 6718 Assessment and Evaluation Strategies 3
NGR 6940 Nurse Educator Practicum 3
Total MSN Education Credits
Nurse Leadership and Management (18 Credits) Credit Hours
NGR 6014 Nursing Decision-Making in Complex Health Systems 3
NGR 6720 Organizational Dynamics 3
NGR 6722 Financial Management and Resource Development 3
NGR 6728 Nursing Leadership and Management 3
NGR 6871 Health Care Informatics 3
NGR 6942 Nurse Leadership and Management Practicum 3
Total MSN Leadership & Management Credits
Nursing is a rewarding career. From the moment you begin your journey as a registered nurse (RN), you can make a positive impact on the lives of your patients. And if you choose to take it further, you can pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). This equips you with the leadership skills you need to become an advanced practice nurse, a leader and a mentor.

Pursuing a Master’s in Nursing is a great way to improve your career. While attending an RN to MSN program, you can become a leader in the field. There are many job opportunities available after completing a master’s program, from nursing administration to teaching and research positions.

Admissions Requirements:

• Active Registered Nurse License

• Graduated from an Associate of Sciences in Nursing from an accredited institution.

• All students must have completed all General Education requirements for the BSN with a grade of “C” or higher prior to starting the MSN core courses.

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