How to Select the Right Health Service Administration Program in Miami

If there’s one thing that the presidential administration has taught us over years is that things change! In any administration—in particular the healthcare administration, are changing all the time. This may be due to the advancement in technology as it directly affects the healthcare industry. As a result, certain regulations must be added to amend the existing ones. In the healthcare industry, this is a never-ending cycle. Although widely respected, this is something that a practicing physician does not have the qualifications or time to do as direct care toward patients is the primary focus with him or her. The role of a healthcare administrator is needed to ensure that a healthcare facility is adhering to the ever-changing healthcare laws and regulations.

This is where earning a degree in Health Services Administration would be most beneficial to aspiring healthcare professionals.

What It Takes to Manage a Healthcare Facility

As an aspiring college student, when you think of the healthcare industry, the first profession that may naturally come to mind is either a doctor or nurse. Yet, there are so many departments involved in running such a huge industry, and making sure the administrative part is properly managed is key to having a well-oiled operation. With a degree in Health Services Administration, you will be prepared to properly oversee complex organizations in an organized manner that will make your resume applicable for a variety of administrative jobs in the healthcare industry.

Job Security in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is recession-proof. No matter what the economy is looking like, the need for maintaining health is a priority. As a result, the need for administrators to manage such organizations is key. Administrators, also referred to as healthcare executives, see to it that healthcare practitioners are held accountable for the care and treatment they are administering to patients because the administration is who ultimately represents the medical facility. Examples of certain areas within an organization they might manage are faculty, physicians, or a department within a hospital or facility.

Looking for Work in Miami?

The jobs for a healthcare executive in the Miami, Florida area are plenty. All you have to do is simply look on any job-seeking platform and you will see that the jobs are there. Miami is reportedly the second-most populated city in the state of Florida, so it makes sense that more job opportunities will be in the South Florida area. It also makes sense that you’d find some of the best Health Services Administration degree programs nearby.

Florida National University ( main campus is located right in the heart of Hialeah, Florida with another campus in Miami along with an Online and Training Center. All physical are surrounded by major healthcare facilities giving us the advantage to help you find the best one to complete your clinical hours.

FNU offers three degree programs in Health Services Administration:

This 61-credit degree program takes approximately two years to complete when enrolled on a full-time basis. Here, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of Health Services Administration that will prepare you for entry-level jobs in the medical field. The required core courses that you’ll be able to take include the basic principles of accounting and business management along with getting an understanding of medical office procedures that include, but is not limited to management, medical terminology, and insurance coding and billing.

  • Bachelor of Science Health Services Administration

In the bachelor’s program, expect to commit to double the amount of credit hours as this curriculum simply builds on the associate’s program. If you’ve earned the associate’s degree from FNU in Health Services Administration and are interested in enrolling in the bachelor’s program, then you will be able to transfer all your credits. If you earned your associates from another educational institution, then the university’s registrar or VPAA will have to review your transcript to determine if your credits can be transferred. Otherwise, you can expect to enroll in our bachelor’s program that will take approximately 4 years to complete on a full-time basis.

The core requirements in the program are separated into lower and upper-level courses. The lower-level courses are the same core courses offered in the associates degree program. The upper-level courses are more academically intense as they build upon the basic fundamentals and get more in-depth with the principles of healthcare management and how to apply them. You’ll also get into the financial aspects of healthcare management. Another important skillset that you will need to have a good grasp on is human resource management and its related subjects such as cultural diversity, organizational behavior, ethics, and business communication.

More Electives with a Bachelor’s Degree

To break up the intensive healthcare concentration, you’ll have the opportunity to take 15 credit hours of electives. Use this opportunity to explore different subject areas or dive in deeper and enroll in courses that will supplement your future role as a healthcare executive. The choice is yours, but we recommend that you consult with your advisor.

  • Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration

Complete this master’s degree in months as a full-time student. This high-level academic program will prepare you for executive-level positions in the healthcare industry. You’ll be qualified to apply for human resource management positions, social and community service managers and more.

  • The Pay

Expect to earn anywhere between $37,040 and $100,790 as reported by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Get Your Degree Online!

One of the great benefits to enrolling in any of our Health Services Administration degree programs is the opportunity to earn a college education 100% online.

  • Financial Aid

If you think that you might need financial assistance to earn your degree, our FNU advisors will direct you to our financial aid department. We will help you determine what kind of financial aid you qualify for.


  • Fully Accredited

Florida National University is a regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award master, bachelor, and associate degrees.

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