Sharks best FNU in final match of 2024

FNU tennis player Chiara Fiorenza.
Sharks best FNU in final match of 2024. (April 17, 2024)


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (April 17, 2024) – Florida National University’s women’s tennis team (3-14) struggled to get much going against the NCAA DII No. 2-ranked Nova Southeastern University Sharks Wednesday. NSU posted a 4-0 win as Florida National closed out the 2024 season with a valiant effort against a top university. The Sharks have never lost to the Conquistadors and improved their program record against FNU to 3-0. 

NSU came out swinging, recorded two critical wins in doubles play to take 1-0 lead. FNU’s Vanessa Simone and Nadia Abad lost 6-1 to Sofia Shing and Julia Moraes while Fabiola Bsereni and Natalia Calvo were held scoreless in their 6-0 loss. 

Krykunenko lost her singles competition against Alexandra Weir by a score of 6-0 in both sets. Abad faced a similar fate against Shing in her match on the singles court, and the Sharks closed out the match with a win from Moraes versus Chiara Fiorenza 6-1, 6-1.


Doubles Competition:

Number one: 

Vanessa Simone / Nadia Abad lost to Sofia Shing / Julia Moraes (1-6)

Number two:

Fabiola Bsereni / Natalia Calvo lost to Patricie Kubikova / Ita Habekovic (0-6)

Number three: 

Chiara Fiorenza / Karyna Krykunenko vs. Alexandra Weir / Kayla Solagnier (2-5) UF


Singles Competition: 

Karyna Krykunenko falls to Alexandra Weir (0-6, 0-6)

Natalia Calvo vs. Lian Benedejcic (0-6, 0-4) UF

Nadia Abad falls to Sofia Shing (1-6, 0-6) 

Vanessa Simone vs. Ita Habekovic (2-6, 0-3) UF

Chiara Fiorenza falls to Julia Moraes (1-6, 1-6)

Fabiola Bsereni vs. Kayla Solagnier (0-6, 1-1) UF

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