Sierra’s singles win highlights FNU’s 6-1 loss to Barry

FNU women's tennis final graphic. (02-08-23)
FNU women’s tennis final graphic. (02-08-23)


MIAMI SHORES, Fla. (Feb. 8, 2023)Florida National University’s women’s tennis team continues its search for its first win this season, following a 6-1 loss to the Barry Buccaneers. FNU captured its first point of its season, as Salome Sierra secured a singles victory over Barry’s Nathalia Gasparin.

Barry did a decent job in doubles play to secure the first point of the afternoon. Buccaneer duo Deniz Khazan and Daniela Farfan shut down FNU’s Karyna Krykunenko and Pirada Suwanruk, 0-6. Partners Vanessa Simone and Nadia Abad fell in their doubles match to pair Xiyao Wang and Selina Pichler. Barry’s victory in the first half of the competition was cemented after Dinara Alloiarova and Nathalia Gasparin defeated Sierra and Sofia Victoria Pera 2-6.

Along with Sierra’s win, Suwanruk put up a solid performance against Patricia Boentgen before ultimately falling 4-6, 2-6. Abad had a strong start to her singles match, before losing 5-7, 0-6.

Doubles Competition:

Number one: 

Karyna Krykunenko / Pirada Suwanruk lose to Deniz Khazan / Daniela Farfan (0-6)

Number two:

Vanessa Simone / Nadia Abad lose to Xiyao Wang / Selina Pichler (1-6)

Number three: 

Salome Sierra / Sofia Victoria Pera lose to Dinara Alloiarova / Nathalia Gasparin (2-6)


Singles Competition: 

Sofia Victoria Pera falls to Xiyao Wang (0-6, 2-6)

Vera Hoekstra falls to Angela Leweurs (2-6, 0-6)

Vanessa Simone falls to Clara Versier (1-6, 1-6)

Salome Sierra def Nathalia Gasparin (6-4,  2-6, 10-6)

Pirada Suwanruk falls to Patricia Boentgen (4-6, 2-6)

Nadia Abad falls to Juanita Cabrera (5-7, 0-6)


Up Next: The Conquistadors face an exciting match up against No. 13 St. Thomas.


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