Six Degrees in the Health Field to Start a Better Career in Miami

Competitive Careers in Miami

Have you been researching careers in Miami and thinking about starting a new job in the healthcare industry?

When it comes to programs that will allow you to rank higher in competitive career salaries in Miami, consider one of the highly sought-after healthcare career pathways offered by Florida National University.

We have three conveniently located campuses for students who are looking to start or change careers in Miami.

Florida National University currently offers six healthcare degree programs.

Let’s look at these programs in detail.

Health Service Administration Degree Programs

We offer a two-year and four-year degree track for students interested in pursuing a health services administration degree. FNU also offers a Masters in Health Service Administration for individual interested in climbing the ladder in a healthcare facility.

Students who choose the health services administration pathway enjoy rewarding careers in healthcare related positions including the following:

Healthcare Accounting – Providing financial accounting and billing services for doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and public health facilities.

Human Resources Management – Making hiring decisions, providing benefits, and helping doctors, nurses and allied health professionals achieve work-life balance.

Nursing Degree Programs

FNU proudly offers three nursing degree program options for students meeting the program entrance criteria.

Associate of Science – Nursing (ASN) – This two-year nursing program is ideal for eager students who want to get started in the field of nursing right away. This program prepares students to sit for the NCLEX.

Bachelor of Science – Nursing (BSN) – This four-year program has an intense curriculum that successfully prepares nursing candidates to sit for the NCLEX exam.

Master of Science – Nursing (MSN) – This advanced nursing degree prepares seasoned nurses to elevate their careers through one of the five concentrations.

Respiratory Therapy Degree Program

You can also earn an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy at FNU. These degrees provide students with the knowledge and skills to become part of a specialized team in respiratory care, anesthesiology or pulmonary rehab, pulmonary diagnostics, home health care, nursing homes or hospital facilities.

Medical Assistant Technology – AS Degree

The Medical Assistant Technology degree is a great way to start your career in the health industry because it is applicable to many different sectors of healthcare. Whether you choose to work in an outpatient doctor’s office or in a hospital, the opportunities are wide and varied.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography – AS Degree

The Associate of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography can prepare you to work as a certified sonography technician. Sonography technicians perform imaging services that help physicians more accurately evaluate patients to provide proper diagnosis and treatment.

Physical Therapy Assistant – AS Degree

The role of a Physical Therapist Assistant involves helping patients rehabilitate from injuries or medical conditions that caused a significant impact on their body. Physical Therapist Assistants must be knowledgeable in anatomy, patient care treatment, and know how to properly teach other caregivers how to assist in a patient’s healthy recovery.

Ready to jumpstart your career in the field of healthcare services?

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