Student ID Number vs. Social Security Number

Student ID Number vs. Social Security NumberIn a modern world full of digital passwords, our brains are crammed full of usernames and identification codes. After finally learning your nine digit social security number, why should you have to learn a new number after entering college? The answer is simple—it’s the best way to protect your identity.

According to the AARP, 10 million individuals are victims of identity fraud every year. In an effort to protect your identity, institutions of higher learning—like Florida National University—routinely assign student ID numbers upon enrollment. This allows students, faculty, and staff to maintain and access student records without the use of your social security number.

This system has one big caveat, however. Students must utilize their student number in order for the security measures to be effective. By continuing to use your social security number as your student identifier, you place the integrity of your own identity at risk.

Student Services has made using your student ID number easier by printing it on your Student ID. According to institutional rules, you are required to have your ID on you at all times while on campus. (Failing to produce your ID when asked by security, faculty, or staff, will result in immediate expulsion from campus.)

By utilizing the number located on your student ID to access or update your student records, you are taking proactive measures to protect your identity.