Student Savings: Discount Metro Pass

For college students, owning a car can be very expensive. Young drivers tend to pay higher interest rates on car loans due to a lack of credit (or poorly managed credit cards—but that’s another article). Young drivers also tend to pay more for mandatory car insurance. With the rising cost of gasoline, even compact cars are becoming less economical.

The increased financial responsibility of owning a vehicle means that a student has to spend more time working (and less time studying) just to keep up. There is an alternative—public transportation. Even a full price MetroPass can be a substantial savings. Fortunately for our FNU students, Miami-Dade offers a college discount. For $56.25, you can purchase a pass that will allow unlimited use of the Miami-Dade public transportation system for a whole month. (Yes, that includes both bus service and Metrorail.)

For those of you who already have a car but would like to cut down on the gas consumption (and avoid the hassle of rush hour traffic), you can purchase a monthly parking pass for only $6.25. You can park your car at any Metrorail station and commute from there.

Your discounted MetroPass can be purchased at the Office of Student Services at either the Hialeah or South Campus (valid student id required). The deadline to order Metropass/parking permit is the 23rd of each month. Due to the ordering process, late orders will not be accepted. Students will be able to pick up their pass/parking permit on the 27th at the Office of Student Services.

Click here for current bus and Metrorail routes.

Location: Office of Student Services

Cost: $56.25

Dealine: 23rd

Pick-up: 27th