Study Group Propels South Campus Students to Success

To understand the story of how this group of students in the photo below came together, you have to go back six years in the past. South Campus Assistant Dean Dr. Manuel Fuentes is visiting Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. There, he sees how heavily the concepts of Problem Based Learning are applied. Facilitated current student study groups are the norm. The groups had significant impact on the study habits, critical thinking skills and ultimately educational results of these students. Dr. Fuentes brought this concept to FNU’s South Campus, finding Study Group Facilitators and thus implementing a new way to help his students. The South Campus currently has two Study Group Facilitators who run Study Rooms from Monday through Saturday. One facilitator is dedicated to Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology classes, while the other focuses on Nursing Students taking Fundamentals. While the concept seems simple, it’s effects are being highly praised by current members:

“I am using my free time to participate in the Study Group and find it to be very helpful and I am glad the school is providing this service.” – Veronica Nieves, Student

“The Study Group is very productive and everybody can participate and share their knowledge.” – Valeria Romo, Student

South Campus Study Group