7 Advantages of Studying Nursing in South Florida

Studying in South Florida
Get ready to make one of the happiest decisions of your life. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, figuring out what you’re going to study – and where – are tough decisions. A nursing career in South Florida, however, is actually a very easy one to make. Not only is Florida a wonderful state, but with an aging population and retirees flocking to the sunshine state, employees in health care services are in demand and nurses have job security.

There is a lot more than just deciding on what you want to study and looking at some Florida National University (FNU) courses. To help make things a little easier, we have assembled some of the top reasons FNU students and staff are choosing to study, live and work in the South Florida area.

Job Security for Nurses in Florida

Florida boasts high employment for nurses, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and registered nurses are not overpopulated registered in the state. In fact, every day there is a higher demand for nurses considering the influx of retirees and longer life expectancies.

In Florida, Registered Nurses earn $64,890 whereas Nurse Practitioners make $99,930 yearly.

South Florida Cities Have a Lot to Offer

Out of 19,354 in existence in the U.S., South Florida cities consistently make it on “best places to live lists” for a reason. Everything from quality of life, cost of living, entertainment options and job market are factors in consideration.

A hip, popular webpage, the Nomadlist.com also lists several Florida cities. The thrilling “Magic City” Miami, of course, is listed at the very top, at #8.

9 South Florida Cities that Made it On U.S. News’ 125 Best Places to Live


  • #29 Melbourne
  • #34 Sarasota
  • #41 Fort Myers
  • #71 Lakeland
  • #75 Tampa
  • #78 Orlando
  • #79 Port St. Lucie
  • #94 Daytona Beach
  • #110 Miami

Note that not all of these cities in South Florida will have such a robust nurse degree program as you’ll find in Miami.

Gorgeous Weather Means More Than Fun Times – It Affects Your Health!

Florida is synonymous with amazing weather, which may not be the top reason to choose a school, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. South Florida is home to some of the most stunning natural beauty and with multiple FNU campus locations, there’s always someplace nearby to sneak outdoors for some sunshine.

These extra few minutes of relaxing in the South Florida sunshine can have benefits beyond simply enjoying some free time. Numerous studies have shown that relaxing can actually

It’s important to give your brain time to unwind and tune out sometimes. Enjoy some great natural beauty while helping your mind relax when you study in South Florida. Ask anyone who has visited Miami and you’ll hear how healthy they all look.

South Florida Has Something For Everyone

FNU campus locations in Hialeah and MiamiSouth Florida is graced with a wide diversity of people that both live and travel to the area. Specifically, immigrants from different Latin America and , “snow birds” who live in colder, northern climates and head south in the winter, All of these great groups of people bring their own culture to the area, making South Florida a hub of cultural and social activity in the area. At almost any given time, you can find a number of activities and events happening that can help you relax, increase your knowledge of the area and the people, visit a theme park, or just listen to some local music.

All of these people also give you plenty of time and chances to network and make those connections that can help you down the road. The connections and networks you make while studying in South Florida are important to your professional and personal futures.
Learn Your BSN program degree in Miami

Strong and Robust Work Economy

The entire state of Florida is seeing a booming economy topping $1 trillion. The diversity of South Florida makes the area a hotbed for employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Helping to drive this growing economy are global, national, and local businesses that have chosen to make South Florida their home. These businesses do more than contribute to the economy, as the business sector donates so much in time, money, and supplies to the communities within South Florida, making the area a better place to live, work, and play for everybody.

Multiple South Florida Locations For Your Convenience

The truth is, people are less likely to do something of it’s more difficult to do. That includes major life changes for the better, which is why FNU has multiple locations in the South Florida area. Many FNU students have to work and meet other life responsibilities while attending school. FNU campus locations in Hialeah and Miami make it easy for you to attend classes and still work and be there for your family.

Online Classes Are Available For Many Courses

Our staff is fully committed to helping you achieve your goals, and this means helping you maintain your day-to-day life routine with as little disruption as possible. This is why we offer a wide selection of fully online learning degree programs. These remote classes range in degree level and programs, but there is always a large selection available to ensure you can get on with your life while getting on with your education. You can contact Florida National University staff to set up or ask questions regarding online classes.

Florida National University Is Regionally Accredited

connections and network in south floridaFNU is proud to be a regionally accredited university. We place high standards on all of our staff at every level to provide the highest level of education and service. This close attention to our curriculum has earned us a regional accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, and master degrees. We also carry several approvals from major organizations that allow our students to feel safe knowing they are getting the best education and can transfer many credits if they need to.

Robust Program Schedule That Always Growing

At FNU, we offer a robust program and course schedule in a variety of degrees and fields. Our courses and programs evolve over time to become more effective and new courses and programs are added regularly. Florida National University offers continuing education courses, a number of certificates and special training programs, graduate degree courses, masters degree programs, and more.

It’s never too late to start or continue your college adventure. Furthering your education with FNU will benefit not only your business life, but it will help boost your self-esteem and can give you a more optimistic outlook for the future.

There is truly no place like South Florida to live, work, and play. The natural benefits can help mind and body, while the diverse cultures will help you grow as a person. When you’re ready to begin this adventure, speak with one of our Florida National University staff members.