Support through Student Organizations

Although Florida National University has traditionally served as an urban commuter college since its inception, we recognize the importance of providing our students with more than just a bare bones academic experience. According to our mission statement, FNU “strives to prepare the students for employment in their chosen career or advanced studies through the acquisition of the required skills and knowledge” (College Catalog 11).

In our attempt to uphold this mission, the Office of Student Services is working hard to develop co-curriculum that supports “the acquisition of required skills and knowledge.”

According to the Center of Student Involvement at Florida University, students who become involved in non-program activities:

• receive better grades
• are more successful in their academic program
• are more likely to stay in school and graduate timely
• feel more satisfied with their college experience
• are more marketable when job searching and applying to grad school.
• develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills

I can personally attest to the advantages of student involvement. As an undergraduate, I worked as a writer/photographer for my college newspaper and served as the Chair of Public Relations for the Student Programming Council.

Being part of campus organizations certainly did make my college experience more enjoyable (like the time I jumped out of an airplane in pursuit of a skydiving story), but it also helped me prepare for the future.

Many of the professional skills I use today where first developed as a part of these co-curricular activities. As a member of student organizations, I had the advantage of developing important skills within a supportive environment. I also had access to knowledgeable mentors who often served as advisors.

As the Office of Student Services moves forward with the development of these co-curriculum activities, I sincerely hope you will join us.