A Survivor’s Guide for Finals Season—Miami Style

"Good Luck!" written on chalkboardGoing to school in Miami certainly has its advantages. Great weather all year round, close proximity to the beaches, great entertainment and night life…who wouldn’t want to pursue their college career here?

Truthfully, it could be argued that for these same reasons, Miami may not be the best place to go to college. Because of the many activities available to students, one might counter that these things may serve as a distraction from academic studies.

The reality is that even if a student were to pursue his/her college degree in the quaintest of towns, there will always be some sort of distraction and possibly even worse. General statistics may report that the higher the population, the higher the crime rate may be. However, it’s also true to say that the higher the population, the higher amount of commerce that a city will generate, which also means that there would be a higher amount of job opportunities.

Distractions are Everywhere

Some of the most senseless crimes have occurred in lowly populated rural areas. Sandy Hook Elementary School gained nationwide attention because a mentally troubled man went on a shooting spree, causing numerous fatalities. In October, CNN reported a gunman fatally wounded 10 people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, a state that might be considered by some, most wholesome.

The point here is that a student should not allow his/her choice of college be dictated or intimidated by the location of the school and whether all of the hustle and bustle around it will negatively affect his/her studies. There are worse events that occur all around the country—the world even, and it doesn’t necessarily occur in highly populated areas.

In fact, all of the things that make Miami so great can actually work to a student’s advantage during finals, not harm it.

Using Distractions as Attractions

As a student living in Miami, it is important for one to think of this city as his or her home for at least the next four years. Florida is reportedly the state where most Americans travel to for vacation. However, the lifestyle of a vacationer compared to that of a Miami resident is quite different.

Vacationers essentially don’t have a care in the world. There’s no work, no place to be or nothing to do but relax. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the same for Miamians, especially for students! It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining all day everyday, students must be able to settle in and get into the routine of going to class, doing their homework, going to work, if they have a job along with carrying out other tasks and responsibilities. When it comes to studying, particularly during finals, why not take advantage of all that Miami has to offer?

Here is a suggested list of study venues that might help students survive the finals, Miami style:

Studying Venues

  • Library – Yes, yes, the library! What’s so ‘Miami’ about that? Honestly, nothing! However, the library, whether one chooses to use the one on campus or go to a public facility, libraries has and probably will always be one of the top places to study.
  • Café – Of course, cafes are everywhere. Whether a chain or independent business, they can be found at almost every corner and shopping center. The beauty about cafes in Miami is that one can find more ethnically independent ones. Miami students have a rich selection of nestling up with their textbook with a cup of authentic Cuban coffee or Italian espresso, one can even waft in the herbal scents while sipping Asian or Chinese tea…or just skip on over to Starbucks!
  • Park or Beach– Students can still admire the beautiful city of Miami while studying for college! As aforementioned, Miami has great weather all year with the exception of some rain. Miami students can take advantage of this beautiful weather by getting out of the stuffy library and getting some fresh air while reviewing their study notes on a park bench, picnic table or on the beautifully landscape grass. As for the beach, sure it might get a little messy. However, if getting sand into one’s textbook is the worst problem a student has, it’s safe to say that he or she may indeed be in good shape!
  • During Transit – Florida colleges, particularly South Florida colleges like Florida National University (FNU), are located hours away from at least two of the most famous vacationing spots in the area: The Florida Keys and Disney World. Just because one goes to school in Florida doesn’t mean that he or she can’t have fun. Both Key West and Disney World are an approximate 4-hour drive. A student can let someone else take the wheel while they flip through a few pages of their textbook or study notes until he or she arrives at his or her final destination to have some fun!

Helping You Survive Finals and College!

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