Tennis faces setback versus No. 14 Loyola

FNU women's tennis final graphic. (04-01-23)
FNU women’s tennis final graphic. (04-01-23)


MOBILE, Ala. (April 01, 2023)Florida National University’s women’s tennis team racked up its third straight loss in the Southern States Athletic Conference’s (SSAC) Round-Up in Mobile, Ala., Saturday. Despite the April Fools festivities, Loyola’s commanding play on the court was nothing to laugh at, as the Wolfpack delivered a shutout 4-0 victory. This loss drops FNU’s record to 1-10 as Loyola improves to 11-5.

In doubles play, Conquistador pairs Karyna Krykunenko and Paulina Jankun and Nadia Abad and Vanessa Simone lost their respective matches 0-6, 3-6. The Wolfpack entered singles play with a 1-0 lead and three singles losses from FNU’s Vera Hoekstra, Abad and Jankun ushered in a 4-0 win for top-ranked Loyola.

Doubles Competition:

Number one: 

Karyna Krykunenko / Paulina Jankun fall to Lucy Carpenter / Fatima Vasquez 0-6

Number two:

Nadia Abad / Vanessa Simone fall to Ariana Salgueiro-Estela / Micaela Ponce 3-6

Number three: 

Salome Sierra / Pirada Suwanruk versus Isabella Leaño / Elly Carpenter 5-2


Singles Competition: 

Vera Hoekstra falls to Lucy Carpenter 1-6, 0-6

Salome Sierra versus Micaela Ponce 2-6, 3-4

Pirada Suwanruk versus Ariana Salgueiro-Estela 6-3, 5-2

Vanessa Simone versus Fatima Vasquez 2-6, 3-5

Nadia Abad falls to Adele Fereres 1-6, 3-6

Paulina Jankun falls to Isabella Leaño 0-6, 0-6


Match Notes:

FNU record: (1-10)

LU record: (11-5)


Up Next: FNU preps for the Montgomery SSAC Round-Up on April 14.


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